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Gene Review

egr1  -  early growth response 1

Danio rerio

Synonyms: EGR-1, Early growth response protein 1, SO:0000704, Zinc finger protein Krox-24, krox-24, ...
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Disease relevance of egr1

  • The potential for zebrafish egr1 to function as a transcriptional regulator was tested by constructing an expression vector containing zebrafish egr1 coding sequences under the control of a cytomegalovirus promoter [1].
  • Such arrested retinal and lenticular development in Egr1 morphants resulted in microphthalmos [2].

High impact information on egr1

  • We compared the A. burtoni egr-1 predicted protein sequence to that of other vertebrates, characterized its gene expression time course, and localized its induced expression throughout the brain [3].
  • Evolutionary conservation of the egr-1 immediate-early gene response in a teleost [3].
  • Males injected with a glutamate receptor agonist also had region-specific induction of egr-1 expression [3].
  • Egr1 is a highly conserved zinc finger protein which plays important roles in many aspects of vertebrate development and in the adult [4].
  • Between 24 and 48 hpf, Egr1 is expressed in specific domains of the hypothalamus, mesencephalon, tegmentum, pharynx, retina, otic vesicle and heart [4].

Biological context of egr1


Anatomical context of egr1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of egr1

  • Southern blotting indicated the existence of a single zebrafish egr1 gene and, as in higher vertebrates, the presence of related members of a larger gene family [1].
  • Sequence analysis of the zebrafish egr1 coding region revealed a high level of homology to the mouse, rat, and human Egr1 genes with the notable exception of a polymorphic, triplet nucleotide repeat sequence in the region coding for the amino terminus of the Egr1 protein [1].
  • Western blot analysis and synthetic Egr1 mRNA rescue experiments confirmed whether the deformities were caused by Egr1 gene knockdown [2].


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