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Gene Review

IL12A  -  interleukin 12A (natural killer cell...

Felis catus

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Disease relevance of IL12A

  • These results suggest that the inhibitory effect of IL-12 on both virus replication and apoptosis has potential implications for the design of immunotherapy strategies using IL-12 in FIV infection [1].
  • Here we report the cloning and sequencing of feline IL-12, the expression of the p40-protein in E. coli and production of monoclonal antibodies [2].
  • In contrast, three of five kittens given FeLV DNA and IL-12 became persistently viraemic [3].
  • This adenoviral vector will be a useful tool to examine the effects of intra-tumoural IL-12 delivery in a spontaneously occurring feline soft tissue sarcoma model [4].
  • The interleukin-12 gene has been placed under control of a heat inducible promoter, human heat shock promoter 70b, with the intent of spatially and temporally controlling the expression of IL-12, thus limiting its toxicity [4].

High impact information on IL12A


Biological context of IL12A


Anatomical context of IL12A


Other interactions of IL12A

  • This study extends the data on IL-12 and provides new results on CpG motifs and IL-16 used as adjuvants in the FIV cat model [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IL12A


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