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Gene Review

NUDT11  -  nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: APS1, ASP1, DIPP-3-beta, DIPP3-beta, DIPP3B, ...
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Disease relevance of NUDT11


High impact information on NUDT11

  • It is likely that sporadic (non-APS1) AAD is inherited as a complex trait; however, apart from the major histocompatibility complex, the susceptibility genes remain unknown [1].
  • In contrast, the mutant AIRE-1 964del13 allele was carried in one each of the 576 (0.2%) control subjects and the 90 (1.1%) AAD subjects as a heterozygote (P = 0.254, not significant), suggesting that this common AIRE-1 gene abnormality does not have a major role in sporadic (non-APS1) AAD [1].
  • The predicted APS1 protein contains two domains: an N-terminal catalytic domain, and a C-terminal hydrophobic domain [5].
  • An alpha-glucosidase, referred to as APS1, was identified in both a gut-specific cDNA library and a sucrase-enriched membrane preparation from guts of the pea aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum by a combination of genomic and proteomic techniques [5].
  • Antioxidant properties and PC12 cell protective effects of APS-1, a polysaccharide from Aloe vera var. chinensis [2].

Biological context of NUDT11


Associations of NUDT11 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of NUDT11


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NUDT11

  • In situ localisation and RT-PCR studies revealed that APS1 mRNA was expressed in the gut distal to the stomach, the same localisation as sucrase activity [5].


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