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Gene Review

KIF21A  -  kinesin family member 21A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CFEOM1, FEOM1, FEOM3A, FLJ20052, KIAA1708, ...
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Disease relevance of KIF21A

  • Identification of KIF21A mutations as a rare cause of congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles type 3 (CFEOM3) [1].
  • In addition, among our previously described patients with CFEOM and KIF21A mutations, 3 individuals had MG and 1 had hypertropia during toothbrushing [2].
  • Eighteen affected individuals had congenital bilateral ptosis and restrictive infraductive (downward) ophthalmoplegia, consistent with the published descriptions of classic CFEOM families linked to the CFEOM1 locus [3].
  • Main outcome measure: Presence or absence of mutation in PHOX2A gene in two siblings with exotropia and recessive CFEOM [4].
  • METHODS: Clinical examination of one patient with CFEOM1, one family with clinical features of CFEOM2, one family with recessive CFEOM3, one family with horizontal gaze palsy and progressive scoliosis (HGPPS), and four patients with various combinations of congenital cranial nerve abnormalities [5].

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Biological context of KIF21A

  • Although KIF21A is the first gene to be associated with CFEOM3, the results imply that mutations in the unidentified FEOM3 gene are the more common cause of this phenotype [1].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Orbital imaging in CFEOM1 due to various amino acid substitutions in the kinesin KIF21A demonstrates consistent abnormalities of motor and sensory innervation in the orbit [9].
  • METHODS: Linkage analysis with microsatellite markers at chromosome 12q and direct sequence analysis of the KIF21A gene were performed on three families and one sporadic CFEOM case [10].
  • METHODS: Mutational analysis was carried out by direct automated sequencing of the PCR products from exons 8, 20, and 21 of the KIF21A gene [11].
  • We have previously determined that a CFEOM1 gene maps to the FEOM1 locus on chromosome 12cen [12].

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