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Gene Review

Ttl  -  tubulin tyrosine ligase

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 2410003M22Rik, 2700049H19Rik, AI848570, TTL, Tubulin--tyrosine ligase
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Disease relevance of Ttl

  • Monoclonal antibodies isolated from ascites fluid allowed a rapid purification of TTL from a crude brain extract [1].
  • When injected into nude mice, both TTL- cells and TTL- cells stably transfected with TTL cDNA form sarcomas [2].

High impact information on Ttl

  • MTs in mouse Swiss 3T3 cells displayed an increase in Glu immunostaining fluorescence approximately 1 h after microinjecting antibodies to the tyrosinating enzyme, tubulin tyrosine ligase [3].
  • Tubulin-tyrosine ligase and alpha beta-tubulin form a tight complex which is conveniently monitored by glycerol gradient centrifugation [4].
  • Tubulin-tyrosine ligase has a binding site on beta-tubulin: a two-domain structure of the enzyme [4].
  • Tubulin-tyrosine ligase (TTL), the enzyme responsible for the reversible addition of a tyrosine residue at the carboxyl end of alpha-tubulin, has been purified from porcine brain using a purification scheme based on standard biochemical procedures [1].
  • To develop a more convenient purification of TTL, we have isolated mouse hybridoma cells secreting antibodies to TTL [1].

Biological context of Ttl


Anatomical context of Ttl

  • Correlatively, cultured TTL null neurons display morphogenetic anomalies including an accelerated and erratic time course of neurite outgrowth and a premature axonal differentiation [7].
  • We have isolated several NIH-3T3 derived clonal cell lines that lack TTL (TTL-) [2].

Associations of Ttl with chemical compounds

  • Tubulin is subject to a special cycle of detyrosination/tyrosination in which the C-terminal tyrosine of alpha-tubulin is cyclically removed by a carboxypeptidase and readded by a tubulin-tyrosine-ligase (TTL) [7].
  • In comparison with other known TTL sequences, namely bovine, rat and porcine, we found that only porcine TTL deviates in length by having an insertion of two glutamate residues [5].
  • Highly active TTL was recovered nearly quantitatively at greater than 95% purity and could be stabilized in the presence of glycerol [1].
  • TTL stayed bound to the immunoaffinity column in 1.5 M NaCl and was eluted with 3 M MgCl2 [1].
  • The liposome formulations used were ETL and TTL, which have I or 3 lipid components, respectively [8].

Other interactions of Ttl


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Ttl


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