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Gene Review

MYB2  -  R2R3 MYB DNA binding domain transcription...

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ATMYB2, MYB DOMAIN PROTEIN 2, T8I13.3, myb domain protein 2
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Disease relevance of MYB2


High impact information on MYB2

  • Arabidopsis AtMYC2 (bHLH) and AtMYB2 (MYB) function as transcriptional activators in abscisic acid signaling [3].
  • These results indicate that both AtMYC2 and AtMYB2 proteins function as transcriptional activators in ABA-inducible gene expression under drought stress in plants [3].
  • A null rop10 mutant exhibits enhanced responses to ABA in seed germination, root elongation, and stomatal closure assays and in the induction of expression of the transcription factor MYB2, but it shows wild-type levels of ABA and normal responses to other hormones [4].
  • A gene (Atmyb2) corresponding to the Atmyb2 cDNA was also cloned and its nucleotide sequence was determined [1].
  • An Arabidopsis cDNA (Atmyb2) that contains a sequence that encodes a transcription factor, which is a homolog of MYB, was cloned from a cDNA library prepared from dehydrated Arabidopsis rosette plants [1].

Biological context of MYB2


Anatomical context of MYB2


Associations of MYB2 with chemical compounds

  • Here, we show that transgenic plants overexpressing AtMYC2 and/or AtMYB2 cDNAs have higher sensitivity to ABA [3].
  • The putative protein (ATMYB2) encoded by Atmyb2 has 274 amino acids, a molecular mass of 32 kD, and a putative DNA binding domain that shows considerable homology to plant MYB-related proteins, such as maize C1 [1].
  • Overexpression of Gm-CaM4 in Arabidopsis up-regulates the transcription rate of AtMYB2-regulated genes, including the proline-synthesizing enzyme P5CS1 (Delta1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase-1), which confers salt tolerance by facilitating proline accumulation [8].

Physical interactions of MYB2


Other interactions of MYB2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MYB2


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