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Gene Review

ATF1  -  Atf1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: AATase 1, Alcohol O-acetyltransferase 1, YOR377W
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Disease relevance of ATF1


High impact information on ATF1


Biological context of ATF1

  • The S. pastorianus ATF1, Lg-ATF1 and ATF2 Accession Numbers in the DDBJ Nucleotide Sequence Database are D63449, D63450 and D86480, respectively [6].
  • A series of analyses of the ATF1 promoter identified an 18 bp element essential for transcriptional activation [7].
  • The results of internal deletion studies of the promoter region suggested that there was also a region responsible for ATF1 oxygen regulation [7].
  • Analysis using an ATF2-lacZ fusion gene in S. pastorianus showed that expression of the ATF2 gene was relatively lower than that of the ATF1 gene and that it is repressed by aeration but activated by the addition of unsaturated fatty acids [6].
  • The deduced amino acid sequences of the ATF2 showed 36.9% similarity with that of ATF1, which encodes AATase I [8].

Anatomical context of ATF1

  • Therefore, it is considered that ATF1 and OLE1 transcription are regulated in response to cell membrane fluidity [9].
  • Purification of lipid particles from wild type and ATF1 deletion cells confirmed that the Atf1p-GFP fusion protein was located in these organelles [10].

Associations of ATF1 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of ATF1

  • These results suggested that ATF1 transcription was co-regulated by the same mechanism as the OLE1 gene and that unsaturated fatty acids and oxygen repressed the ATF1 transcript by a different regulation pathway [9].

Other interactions of ATF1

  • To investigate the effect of the hypoxic repressor complex on transcription, ATF1 expression was measured in rox1, tup1 and ssn6 disruptant strains [7].
  • Thus, the activation of ATF1 transcription is dependent on Rap1p, and the Rox1p-Tup1p-Ssn6p hypoxic repressor complex is responsible for repression by oxygen [7].
  • As has been reported for OLE1, the repression of ATF1 by unsaturated fatty acids was relieved in a disruptant carrying a faa1 and faa4 double mutation, two fatty acid activation genes [9].
  • Sli1p has weak similarity to Atf1p and Atf2p, which are alcohol acetyltransferases [13].
  • The self-cloning TDH3p-ATF1 yeast strain produced a higher amount of isoamyl acetate [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ATF1

  • Northern blot analysis indicated constitutive expression of ATF1 at high levels in these yeast transformants [3].


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