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Gene Review

BMF  -  Bcl2 modifying factor

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Bcl-2-modifying factor, FLJ00065
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Disease relevance of BMF


High impact information on BMF

  • Signaling from the IL-21 receptor increases the formation of a complex between Bcl-2 and the proapoptotic molecule Bcl-2-modifying factor, resulting in Bepsilon cell apoptosis [3].
  • Membrane fragments from K562 cells were radioiodinated and allowed to adhere to BMF monolayers [4].
  • Preincubation of fibroblasts with an antibody to VCAM-1 (a ligand of VLA-4) inhibited leukemic cell binding in the majority of cases, which was an effect also observed on cytokine-stimulated BMF [1].
  • Leukemic cells from all cases of AML adhered to BM fibroblast (BMF) monolayers (mean +/- standard error [SE] percentage binding, 30.9% +/- 2.5%; n = 23) and to fibronectin and laminin (mean +/- SE percentage binding, 28.0% +/- 4.1% [n = 11] and 21.5% +/- 2.3% [n = 8], respectively) [5].
  • Treatment of BMF with antifibronectin antibody alone had little effect on ALL adhesion and did not enhance the inhibitory effect of anti-VCAM-1 [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of BMF


Biological context of BMF


Anatomical context of BMF

  • These data suggest that mixed chimaeric pattern of BMF may be correlated with bone marrow hypoplasia [8].
  • Surface antigens in lymphocytes from peripheral blood were assessed in 16 children directly after intensive chemotherapy (i.e., after protocol II of the BMF program) and in 25 children 12-13 months following conclusion of acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment [9].


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