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Gene Review

IL21R  -  interleukin 21 receptor

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CD360, IL-21 receptor, IL-21R, Interleukin-21 receptor, NILR, ...
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Disease relevance of IL21R

  • Here we demonstrate that surface IL-21 receptor (R) is expressed at variable levels by chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) B cells freshly isolated from 33 different patients [1].
  • The decreased expression of IL-21R in SLE was significantly associated with nephritis and high titer anti-double-strand DNA antibody [2].
  • The abnormalities of IL-21R signaling might contribute to the pathological features of SLE, such as B lymphocytopenia [2].
  • Immunohistochemical staining demonstrated that IL-21R-positive cells were significantly increased in inflamed synovial tissues of RA patients compared with osteoarthritis (OA) and healthy controls [3].
  • We showed that granulomatous inflammation and liver fibrosis were significantly reduced in S. mansoni-infected IL-21R-/- mice and in IL-21R+/+ mice treated with soluble IL-21R-Fc (sIL-21R-Fc) [4].

High impact information on IL21R


Biological context of IL21R


Anatomical context of IL21R

  • IBD LPMC supernatants stimulate MMP secretion by intestinal fibroblasts, and this effect is partly inhibited by IL21R/Fc [10].
  • RESULTS: Constitutive expression of IL-21R was seen in intestinal epithelial cells, but was higher in IBD patients than in controls [6].
  • NK cell IFN-gamma production was dependent on distinct signals mediated by the IL-21R and the FcR and was abrogated in STAT1-deficient NK cells [11].
  • Flow cytometric analysis confirmed that IL-21R was mainly expressed in freshly isolated CD4, CD8, B and NK cells from peripheral blood and synovial fluid, but decreased gradually in T cells 24 h after anti-CD3 stimulation [3].
  • These data indicate that IL-21R is overexpressed in the inflamed synovial membrane and in peripheral blood or synovial fluid leukocytes of RA patients, and that IL-21 enhances local T-cell activation, proliferation and proinflammatory cytokine secretion [3].

Physical interactions of IL21R

  • Although IL-21 binds to the IL-21R expressed on gamma(c)-deficient ED40515(-) cells, IL-21 is unable to transduce any intracytoplasmic signals [12].

Regulatory relationships of IL21R

  • IL-21R expression was up-regulated following cell stimulation via surface CD40 [1].
  • IL-21R was actively transcribed in YM cells, while BCL6 that was under the control of the IL-21R promoter was only moderately expressed at the mRNA and protein level [13].

Other interactions of IL21R


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IL21R


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