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Gene Review

uvrB  -  exision nuclease of nucleotide excision...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK0768, JW0762, dar-1, dar-6
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Disease relevance of uvrB


High impact information on uvrB


Chemical compound and disease context of uvrB


Biological context of uvrB


Associations of uvrB with chemical compounds

  • In such cells pyrimidine dimers are tolerated by a rather error-free process that depends on the activity of uvrB, recA and lexA genes [18].
  • The protein sequence was determined from the DNA sequence of the uvrB gene and was confirmed by sequencing the NH2-terminus of the UvrB protein and analyzing its overall amino acid composition [19].
  • Combination of these mutations in the recB21recF143 double mutant blocks W-reactivation completely after BM induction, but leaves residual W-reactivation ability after UV-irradiation, which is abolished by the introduction of uvrB deficiency (delta(uvrB-chlA] [20].
  • Results of transformation assays indicated that the uvrB gene function was essential for repair of plasmid DNA damaged with cis-DDP [21].

Other interactions of uvrB

  • The uvrA gene is located on the pAD1 map between 28.1 and 29.4 kb. uvrB is located between 30.1 and 30.3 kb, and uvrC is located between 30.4 and 30.6 kb on the pAD1 map [14].
  • uvrB-dependent, recF-independent post-replication (or replication) repair in Escherichia coli [22].


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