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Research Personnel

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Biological context of Research Personnel

  • The former led clinical investigators to claim a false emergence of drug resistance after one year's treatment with a potent antileprosy drug, B663, which was almost abandoned for later clinical use [11].
  • Mary's Medical Center, were asked to be clinical investigators for a comparison study of the current Hepcon System Four (HSF) and the next generation Hemostasis Management System (HMS) manufactured by HemoTec, Inc. The HSF has been in place at St [12].

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Gene context of Research Personnel

  • The next wave of clinical studies will provide clinical investigators with opportunities to develop and evaluate P-glycoprotein tests and correlate test results with clinical outcomes [18].
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex and heterogeneous disorder presenting a challenge for clinical investigators [19].
  • The National Cancer Institute Organ Systems Program-sponsored Upper Aerodigestive Cancer Task Force workshops are specifically designed to enhance interactions between basic science and clinical investigators and between academic institutions and the community, and ultimately will contribute to more expeditious clinical advances [20].
  • The cloning and expression of human IL-1 gene products has enabled clinical investigators to expand the role of IL-1 in various diseases through improved detection systems and by use of cDNA or cRNA probes [21].
  • Clinical investigators studying anabolic drugs such as PTH should be aware of potential long-term interactions of bisphosphonates when assessing the outcome of their experiments [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Research Personnel


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