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Disease relevance of Bisexuality


Psychiatry related information on Bisexuality


High impact information on Bisexuality

  • CONCLUSIONS: Screening HIV-positive homosexual and bisexual men for ASIL and anal SCC with anal Pap tests offers quality-adjusted life expectancy benefits at a cost comparable with other accepted clinical preventive interventions [11].
  • The dissatisfaction (dsf) gene is necessary for appropriate sexual behavior and sex-specific neural development in both sexes. dsf males are bisexual and mate poorly, while mutant females resist male courtship and fail to lay eggs [12].
  • Splenocytes from these animals displayed only marginal Th2 cytokine synthesis but greater Th1 cytokine responses than the corresponding cells from mice with bisexual infections [13].
  • Predictors of the use of viagra, testosterone, and antidepressants among HIV-seropositive gay and bisexual men [14].
  • OBJECTIVE: The authors explored the association between abuse of 3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, or "Ecstasy") and high-risk sexual behaviors among gay and bisexual men [15].

Chemical compound and disease context of Bisexuality

  • CONCLUSIONS: Syphilis prevention efforts should address methamphetamine and sildenafil use among gay and bisexual men and require strong and substantive involvement with the gay community to address syphilis in San Francisco [16].
  • Logistic regression identified the following determinants of prevalent HIV infection: Puerto Rican ethnicity, homosexual or bisexual self-identification, injecting for 4 or more years, and having smoked crack cocaine in the past 6 months [17].
  • Among MDMA users, higher frequency of MDMA use was associated with being younger, having more visits to bars or clubs, more gay/bisexual friends, and having an HIV negative test result or never having been tested [6].
  • The frequency of subtype B HIV-1 variants with similar env V3 features, including the tetrameric tips, GPGR and GPGK, the threonine deletion at position 23, and the substitution of threonine to arginine at position 22, was comparable in heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual patients [18].
  • Use of tetracycline in larval diet to study the effect of Wolbachia on host fecundity and clarify taxonomic status of Trichogramma species in cured bisexual lines [19].

Biological context of Bisexuality

  • CONCLUSIONS: MDMA abuse, and its strong association with high-risk sexual behaviors, appears to represent important unexplored public health problems among some gay or bisexual men [15].
  • From the cloned mitochondrial DNAs (mtDNAs) isolated from two bisexual species, one Mediterranean, Artemia salina, and one American, Artemia franciscana, and two parthenogenetic (diploid and tetraploid) strains of Artemia parthenogenetica collected in Spain, physical maps have been constructed and compared [20].
  • However, the degree of openness about their homosexuality is unrelated to deceptive behavior among homosexuals/bisexuals [21].
  • Commonly conceived as a combination of heterosexuality and homosexuality, bisexuality as such became conceivable only after the popularization of the hetero/homosexual dichotomy during the late 19th and 20th centuries [22].
  • Androgyne becomes bisexual in sexological theory: Plato to Freud and neuroscience [23].

Anatomical context of Bisexuality


Associations of Bisexuality with chemical compounds

  • These data do not indicate that zidovudine use in San Francisco would mainly account for the observed slowing in the rate of increase of AIDS cases in homosexual and bisexual men in this city after 1987 [29].
  • Of the 53 patients who were eligible for the study, 47 took part; for the majority of these patients indinavir combination therapy had been unsuccessful. the majority of the patients were male (98%), white (92%) and homo/bisexuals (96%) [30].
  • These results suggest that volatile nitrite use may play an important role in the association between recreational drug use and high-risk sexual behavior among homosexual/bisexual men [31].
  • RESULTS: Between 1994 and 1997, the use of marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and mean scores on a measure of overall drug use severity increased significantly in a sample of young gay and bisexual men [32].
  • A pilot, convenience sample survey in 2003 revealed increased risk for previous-year use of crystal methamphetamine (odds ratio [OR] = 26.28), ecstasy (OR = 3.29), and ketamine (OR = 8.26) among the 2.5% of 590 students, mostly girls, who self-identified as gay, lesbian, or bisexual [33].

Gene context of Bisexuality

  • However, expression of mini-white, the marker gene used in both P[GAL4] and P[UAS(G)] constructs, also induces males to court other males, questioning whether GAL4-mediated tra expression alone can induce bisexual behavior [34].
  • We conclude that P[GAL4]-directed misexpression of tra is responsible for the bisexual behavior previously described and that this is mediated via sex-specific splicing of dsx and fru [34].
  • ER and aromatase transcripts were much higher in the vitellogenic ovary than those in the bisexual ovarian tissue [35].
  • FSH receptor and LH receptor transcripts were higher in bisexual testicular tissue than in ovarian tissue in 2+-yr-old fish [36].
  • Homo/bisexual patients with AIDS or a CD200 diagnosis had longer ALOS than drug users (15.7 vs 13 days and 15.8 vs 10.8) [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bisexuality

  • METHOD: Blood for prolactin level determination was obtained from 121 HIV-seropositive and 79 HIV-seronegative homosexual and bisexual men enrolled in a longitudinal study [38].
  • CONCLUSION: Although amphetamine and other drug use increased among young gay and bisexual men, only cocaine use was a significant, independent predictor of the failure to use condoms during anal intercourse [32].
  • Sera collected every 5 to 6 months over a period of 5 years from 50 HIV-1-infected homosexual and bisexual men, 25 of whom progressed to AIDS during the collection period, were monitored for changes in ELISA reactivity against synthetic peptides encompassing aa581-609 of gp41 [39].
  • Whole body content of sex steroids and steroid glucuronides of both bisexual and gynogenetic (all female) steelhead trout were quantified by radioimmunoassay [40].
  • RESULTS: Bisexual women were less likely than heterosexual women to have had appropriate cholesterol screening (odds ratio 0.29, 95% confidence interval 0.11 to 0.73) or appropriate mammography (0.33, 0.13 to 0.84) [41].


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