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Sleep Bruxism

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Disease relevance of Sleep Bruxism


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Chemical compound and disease context of Sleep Bruxism


Anatomical context of Sleep Bruxism

  • The effects of occlusal adjustments on the myoelectric activity of the anterior temporal and masseter muscles, with the mandible at rest and during maximal clenching in the intercuspal position (ICP), were studied in 24 nocturnal bruxism patients [1].

Gene context of Sleep Bruxism

  • It was concluded that an abnormal side imbalance in striatal D2 receptor expression can be associated with sleep bruxism [12].
  • Influence of nocturnal bruxism on the stomatognathic system. Part I: a new device for measuring mandibular movements during sleep [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sleep Bruxism


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