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Disease relevance of Sophora

  • The effects of an ethanol extract of the plant Sophora flavescens Ait. on haemodynamics and ventricular fibrillation threshold were studied in pentobarbitone-anaesthetized dogs [1].
  • 86 cases of acne vulgaris were treated with Fu Fang She She Cao He Ji ([symbol: see text] Compound Oldenlandis Mixture), with the other 34 cases treated with Dang Gui Ku Shen Wan ([symbol: see text] Pills Prepared from Chinese Angelica and Flavescent Sophora Root) as the controls, to observe the therapeutic effect of the former [2].
  • The effect of a methanol extract of Sophora flavescens root was examined on gastric ulcers induced in rats by HCl/ethanol in order to substantiate its reputed protective properties [3].

High impact information on Sophora

  • The second area is the lower Pecos River region of Texas, where shamanistic figures display traits considered to be conceptual analogues of the mescal bean (Sophora secundiflora) cult as practiced during historic times by Great Plains Indians [4].
  • A novel mannose-specific and sugar specifically aggregatable lectin from the bark of the Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora japonica) [5].
  • Leachianone G (LG) 2"-dimethylallyltransferase, a novel prenyl side-chain elongation enzyme, was identified in Sophora flavescens Ait. cultured cells [6].
  • Screening of various natural products in a search for novel inducers of apoptosis in human leukemia cells led us to identify the strong apoptosis-inducing activity in a fraction extracted with methanol from the roots of Sophora subprostrata Chun et T [7].
  • 23 and anti-horseradish peroxidase against Sophora japonica lectin was most inhibited by a neoglycoconjugate of bromelain glycopeptide cross-linked to bovine serum albumin, while the defucosylated form of this conjugate was inactive as an inhibitor [8].

Biological context of Sophora

  • In our search for monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors from natural resources, we found that the methanol extract of the roots of Sophora flavescens showed an inhibitory effect on mouse brain monoamine oxidase (MAO) [9].
  • Inhibitory effects of echinoisoflavanone and sophoraisoflavanone D in Sophora chrysophylla SEEM on lipid peroxidation of mice brain homogenate by interaction of ferrous ion and hydrogen peroxide, in vitro [10].
  • To elucidate the pharmacological mechanism underlying an antibacterial action, sophoraflavanone G was isolated from Sophora exigua, thereafter its effect on membrane fluidity was studied using model membranes and compared with less active naringenin lacking 8-lavandulyl and 2'-hydroxyl groups [11].

Anatomical context of Sophora


Associations of Sophora with chemical compounds

  • Sophoricoside analogs as the IL-5 inhibitors from Sophora japonica [15].
  • Four prenylflavonoids, kurarinone ( 1), a chalcone of 1, kuraridin ( 2), kurarinol ( 3), kushenol H ( 4) and kushenol K ( 5) isolated from the roots of Sophora flavescens were investigated for their inhibitory effects on diacylglycerol acyltransferase (DGAT) [16].
  • The lectin isolated from Sophora japonica seeds is a glycoprotein which binds oligosaccharides with non-reducing terminal Gal beta(1----3/4)GlcNac beta 1----units [17].
  • The proposed method was used for the determination of vitamin P content in the pharmaceutical preparation of tablets and the medicinal plant Sophora japonica L. without previous separation [18].
  • Prenylated flavonoids containing the resorcinol moiety were isolated as tyrosinase inhibitors from the roots of Sophora flavescens by activity-guided fractionation [19].

Gene context of Sophora


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sophora

  • RT-PCR analysis showed that Sophora flavescens extract induced mRNA levels of growth factors such as IGF-1 and KGF in dermal papilla cells, suggesting that the effects of Sophora flavescens extract on hair growth may be mediated through the regulation of growth factors in dermal papilla cells [24].


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