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Disease relevance of Guinea-Bissau


High impact information on Guinea-Bissau

  • Effect of vitamin A supplementation on measles-specific antibody levels in Guinea-Bissau [5].
  • Measles and atopy in Guinea-Bissau [6].
  • Sensitivity of primers (at least one of the four primer pairs was positive) to HIV-2-seropositive samples was 100% (all nine) in Guinea-Bissau, 71% (12/17) in Côte d'Ivoire, 100% (all 20) in Gambian AIDS patients, and 85% (17/20) in Gambian pregnant women [7].
  • In a community study in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, 47 HIV-2-seropositive cases and 87 matched controls were evaluated immunologically using immuno-alkaline phosphatase linked to avidin-biotin complex for the assessment of CD4 and CD8 status [8].
  • Strains from patients originating in Mali also clustered in subtype A but distinctly from the Cape Verde or Guinea Bissau strains [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Guinea-Bissau


Biological context of Guinea-Bissau


Associations of Guinea-Bissau with chemical compounds


Gene context of Guinea-Bissau

  • We determined, in a population from Guinea-Bissau, the frequencies of CYP3A4 and NAT2 variants expected to be prevalent among Africans, due to the high frequency previously observed in African Americans [15].
  • STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS: Fourteen HTLV antibody assays were evaluated by using well-characterized panels of sera from Guinea-Bissau, West Africa, and Sweden [16].
  • SUBJECTS: In 1996, 28 Angolan doctors, 26 from Guinea-Bissau, 11 from Mozambique and three from S Tomé and Principe answered a self-administered questionnaire [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Guinea-Bissau


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