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Seroepidemiologic Studies

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  • The cumulated risk of seroconversion due to parenteral blood exposure can be calculated as: 1-(1-fp)ny, where f is the population seroprevalence, p the chance of transmission per incident (estimated to be 0.46%), n the number of parenteral exposures per year and y the years of practice [19].
  • IVDUs starting methadone maintenance in 1987-1989 had a seroprevalence rate of 22% [20].
  • The most dramatic changes in seroprevalence associated with GUD occurred in patients using crack cocaine and injecting drugs [21].
  • H pylori seroprevalence was no lower in patients who had been exposed to sulphasalazine than in controls or those not exposed [22].
  • Overall prevalence of T. solium antibodies with EITB was 9.82%, but for those with late-onset epilepsy (onset after age 30 years), prevalence increased to 17.5% and 19% for those who originated from outside urban Medellín. Seroprevalence in individuals with mixed lesions (cysts and calcifications) was 88.2% and 64.10% in those with live cysts [23].

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