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Insecticide Resistance

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Disease relevance of Insecticide Resistance

  • In order to examine the conservation of the mechanism of cyclodiene insecticide resistance between species we cloned a cDNA from the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti homologous to the resistance gene Rdl in Drosophila [1].

High impact information on Insecticide Resistance


Biological context of Insecticide Resistance


Anatomical context of Insecticide Resistance

  • Considerable differences in some enzyme activities were found between the strains. pNA demethylation and AP demethylation were substantially higher in all IR strains, while no correlation could be found between their increased insecticide resistance and BP hydroxylating capacity or cytochrome P-450 content of the microsomes [10].

Associations of Insecticide Resistance with chemical compounds


Gene context of Insecticide Resistance


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Insecticide Resistance


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