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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL2151429     ethyl2-[2- (difluoromethoxy)phenyl]-4...

Synonyms: SureCN9178940, CGP-28392, Ciba 28392, AC1L3XFJ, IOS 2456, ...
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Disease relevance of IOS 2456

  • The cardiovascular actions of this compound (with the exception of bradycardia) are not mediated through the autonomic nervous system, and interactions with other pharmacological agents suggest that CGP 28 392 has calcium channel activating properties [1].

High impact information on IOS 2456

  • The dihydropyridine derivatives CGP 28392 and BAY K 8644 exert a strong positive inotropic effect in mammalian cardiac muscle, presumably by increasing Ca influx during the action potential [2].
  • To study the mechanism of action of this putative calcium channel agonist, we have related the effects of CGP 28392 on contraction (measured with an optical video system) and radioactive calcium uptake to ligand-binding studies in cultured, spontaneously beating chick embryo ventricular cells [3].
  • Effects of the calcium-channel agonist CGP 28392 on insulin secretion from isolated rat islets of Langerhans [4].
  • Agonists Bay-K8644 and CGP-28392 open calcium channels reconstituted from skeletal muscle transverse tubules [5].
  • The systolic blood pressure of CGP 28392-treated pregnant rats rose transiently for 2 days and then declined toward values of nontreated pregnant controls, although remaining higher [6].

Biological context of IOS 2456


Anatomical context of IOS 2456

  • (-)-S-BAY K 8644, (+/-)-BAY K 8644, (+)-S-202-791 and CGP-28392 produced contractions in partially depolarized (15 mM K+) strips of guinea pig ileal longitudinal smooth muscle which differed in the degree of maximum contraction obtained [9].
  • In contrast, CGP 28392 produced no contraction in 14 of 19 tracheas (all ages combined) in the presence of aspirin; whereas, all 18 tracheas in the absence of aspirin contracted [10].
  • Calcium (Ca2+)-dependent action potentials were recorded from 22 mM potassium (K+)-depolarized guinea-pig papillary muscle at several different pacing frequencies in the absence and presence of CGP 28 392 (10 microM), a Ca2+ channel agonist [11].
  • Effects of calcium channel activators BAY-K8644 and CGP-28392 on steroidogenesis in granulosa cells of the domestic hen [12].
  • There is no addition between the effects of drugs activating the Ca2+ channel and the effects of depolarization suggesting that Bay K8644 and CGP 28392 work preferentially on polarized membranes [13].

Associations of IOS 2456 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of IOS 2456

  • Bay K 8644 or CGP 28392 alone had no effect on renin release from the slices, whereas both compounds produced a concentration-dependent inhibition of the release in the presence of 15 mM potassium [17].


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