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Chemical Compound Review

Clomifen     2-[4-[(Z)-2-chloro-1,2- diphenyl...

Synonyms: Clomifene, clomiphene, Enclomifene, Enclomiphen, Zuclomifene, ...
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Disease relevance of Clomifene


High impact information on Clomifene

  • Similarly the relative potency of estrogens to stimulate prolactin synthesis was diethylstilbestrol identical to estradiol greater than ICI 77,949 greater than ICI 47,699 identical to zuclomiphene, consistent with their RBAs [2].
  • Effect of hypocholesterolemic agents on central nervous system cholesterol biosynthesis. I. Zuclomiphene [3].
  • CONCLUSIONS: Prospective studies of clomiphene citrate should be performed to confirm the hypothesis that the monitoring of plasma zuclomiphene concentrations can significantly accelerate dose individualization and improve the therapeutic outcome with this "orphan" drug [4].
  • The appropriateness of starting with these low and intermediate intensity treatments is supported by evidence that CC/IUI increases cycle fecundity two- to three-fold, and FSH/IUI, three- to five-fold over the baseline chance of pregnancy in this patient group [5].
  • The combined maximum concentration of enclomiphene and zuclomiphene attained in practice approximates 100 nmol/L and is generally well below levels previously demonstrated to have adverse effects in vitro [6].

Biological context of Clomifene


Anatomical context of Clomifene


Associations of Clomifene with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Clomifene


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