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Chemical Compound Review

AY-9944     N-[(2-chlorophenyl)methyl]-1- [4-[[(2...

Synonyms: AG-K-26304, SureCN7920921, SureCN7920925, AC1L1TMS, LS-56442, ...
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Disease relevance of AY-9944


High impact information on AY-9944


Chemical compound and disease context of AY-9944


Biological context of AY-9944

  • Rat embryos explanted at gestation day 10 and cultured for 48 h in the presence of the Delta7 reductase inhibitor AY 9944 were used as a model to discriminate between the beneficial effect of supplementation with cholesterol and the deleterious effect of supplementation with 7-dehydrocholesterol [13].
  • Compared to LH-induced resumption of meiosis in follicles, that induced by AY-9944 was much delayed [14].
  • Thus, the resumption of meiosis induced by added MAS [Biol. Reprod. 61 (1999) 1362, Biol. Reprod. 64 (2001) 418] or presumed endogenous MAS accumulation by AY-9944, resulted in oocyte maturation with remarkably slower kinetics than observed with LH stimulation [15].
  • Effects of drugs on cholesterol esterification in normal and Niemann-Pick type C fibroblasts: AY-9944, other cationic amphiphilic drugs and DMSO [16].
  • Our study suggests that the effect of AY-9944 on lung lipid metabolism is more detrimental in OAP-exposed rats than the expected benefit of AY-9944's simultaneous reduction in adrenal cortical activity [17].

Anatomical context of AY-9944


Associations of AY-9944 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of AY-9944


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AY-9944

  • An animal model for this disease has been obtained from the offspring of pregnant rats treated with "distal" inhibitors of delta7-dehydrocholesterol reductase, AY-9944 or BM15766 [28].


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