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Chemical Compound Review

MYRCENE     7-methyl-3-methylidene-octa- 1,6-diene

Synonyms: b-Myrcene, beta-Myrcene, MYRCENE, TECH, CHEMBL455491, CPD-4888, ...
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Disease relevance of LS-678


High impact information on LS-678


Biological context of LS-678


Anatomical context of LS-678


Associations of LS-678 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of LS-678

  • The main monoterpene constituents of each oil, beta-myrcene (in PR) and limonene (in CB), were tested in the LPS-induced pleurisy model and assayed also for immunoregulatory activity by measurement of the inhibition of NO and production of the cytokines, gamma-interferon and IL-4 [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of LS-678

  • The chemical structures of the active components were determined on the basis of mass spectrometry linked to gas chromatography, indicating E-beta-ocimene and beta-myrcene as stimulants for neurone type 1, E,E-alpha-farnesene for neurone type 2 and homo-farnesene for neurone type 3 [14].


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