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Chemical Compound Review

Melaleucol     4-methyl-1-propan-2-yl- cyclohex-3-en-1-ol

Synonyms: Terpinenolu-4, Terpinenol-4, Terpineol-4, TERPINENE-4-OL, dl-4-Terpineol, ...
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Biological context of NSC 147749

  • In this study two major constituents of Tea Tree oil, 1,8-cineole and terpinen-4-ol, were shown to inhibit acetylcholinesterase at IC50 values (inhibitor concentrations required to give 50% inhibition) of 0.04 and 10.30 mM, respectively [9].
  • The aim of this study was to investigate skin absorption and elimination kinetics of two terpenes, namely linalool and terpinen-4-ol, incorporated in three different dermatological vehicles: oily solution, hydrogel and o/w emulsion [10].

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