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Chemical Compound Review

GW0072     4-[4-[(2S,5S)-5- (dibenzylcarbamoylmethyl)...

Synonyms: AC1L9N85, 4prg, 173188-EP2285796A1, thiazolidinone (GW0072)
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Disease relevance of GW0072


High impact information on GW0072


Biological context of GW0072


Anatomical context of GW0072

  • Recently a new anion channel inhibitor, a thiazolidinone derivative, termed CFTRInh-172 has been synthesized and introduced with apparently improved inhibitory properties as shown by effects on anion conductance expressed in cell lines and on secretion in vivo [6].
  • Thiazolidinone congeners as central nervous system active agents [7].

Associations of GW0072 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of GW0072

  • Altered channel gating mechanism for CFTR inhibition by a high-affinity thiazolidinone blocker [12].
  • We used the selective thiazolidinone CFTR inhibitor CFTR(inh)-172 to define the involvement of CFTR in nasal PD changes in mice and pigs [13].
  • By screening unbiased combinatorial chemistry libraries, using a cAMP-responsive luciferase reporter assay, we discovered thiazolidinone agonists (EC(50's) = 20 mum) of the human FSH-R [14].
  • Syntheses and evaluation of antioxidant activity of sydnonyl substituted thiazolidinone and thiazoline derivatives [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of GW0072

  • The compounds VIg-l have two chiral centers in each thiazolidinone moiety so two diastereomers are possible, but on crystallization and repeated chromatography, one diastereomer was obtained [16].


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