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Chemical Compound Review

valine     (2S)-2-amino-3-methyl-butanoic acid

Synonyms: Valinum, Polyvaline, valina, L-valine, L-valin, ...
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Disease relevance of valine


Psychiatry related information on valine

  • Atypical features were seen more frequently in sporadic 129 V/V CJD and fCJD cases [6].

High impact information on valine

  • These results demonstrate a role for BDNF and its val/met polymorphism in human memory and hippocampal function and suggest val/met exerts these effects by impacting intracellular trafficking and activity-dependent secretion of BDNF [7].
  • The risk was elevated even more among women who were homozygous for the Val allele (OR = 14.1; 95% CI = 1.8-113.4) [1].
  • MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Genotype effects (in Met allele carriers vs Val homozygotes) on 5 cognitive domain z scores and magnetic resonance imaging gray matter brain volume measures (Talairach atlas-based cerebral lobes and optimized voxel-based morphometry) were examined using general linear models [8].
  • However, in agreement with the predicted beta-strand conformation of a polyvaline segment, helical SP-C unfolds and transforms into beta-sheet aggregates and amyloid fibrils within a few days in aqueous organic solvents [9].
  • METHODS: In a community-based sample of 1,163 subjects aged 59 to 71 years, we characterized the valine (Val) and methionine (Met) allele of the PRNP polymorphism at codon 129 [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of valine


Biological context of valine


Associations of valine with other chemical compounds

  • Two coding polymorphisms of the PrP gene (PRNP) are a methionine (Met) to valine (Val) change at codon 129, and a deletion in the octapeptide coding region [18].
  • This latter problem can be circumvented by replacing the polyvaline stretch of SP-C with a polyleucine stretch containing a few lysines [19].

Gene context of valine


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of valine

  • In patients with complete response (CR), the 5-year progression-free survival (PFS) was 69% for patients with antibody response and/or V/V genotype, while the PFS was only 40% for patients with neither; the median time to progression (TTP) was 10.47 versus 3.46 years (P = .012) [2].


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