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Chemical Compound Review

Dilzem     [(4R,5R)-2-(2- dimethylaminoethyl)-5-(4...

Synonyms: Altiazem, Deltazen, Dilatame, Diltelan, Tiazac, ...
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Disease relevance of diltiazem


High impact information on diltiazem


Biological context of diltiazem

  • Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of a sustained-release diltiazem formulation (Mono-Tildiem LP 300 MG) after repeated administration in healthy volunteers [9].
  • A bioequivalence study of three brands of regular diltiazem--Angizem (A), Dilzem (B) and Herbesser (C) has been carried out in 5 healthy, male volunteers [10].
  • Pharmacokinetics showed statistically significant (p < 0.01) differences in AUC0-12 with means (+/- SD) of 519.2(+/- 172.8) and 429.6(+/- 147.2) ng h ml-1, AUC0-36 of 835.6(+/- 281.6) and 730.9 (+/- 271.5) ng h ml-1 and Cmax of 89.1(+/- 30.3) and 61.1(+/- 21.2) ng ml-1 for Cardizem SR and Bi-Tildiem, respectively [11].
  • The AUC (mean +/- S.D.) values in steady state of Cardil and Cardizem were 880.1 +/- 399.8 and 1056.8 +/- 509.8 respectively [12].
  • Over the past thirty years the delivery of health care services in Alaska has gone from Citizen Ban radio transmissions that were relayed through telephone bridges to one of the largest, state of the art telemedicine systems in the world [13].

Anatomical context of diltiazem


Associations of diltiazem with other chemical compounds


Gene context of diltiazem

  • In this paper we describe a generic contact center that was designed in the context of an EU funded IST for health project with acronym Citizen Health System (CHS) [18].
  • ANOVA and multiple comparison tests showed the parent drug AUC0-tau to be significantly higher after daily dosing with Tiazac than with the other 2 marketed products, but the diltiazem Cmin values were not significantly different between the 3 formulations [19].
  • The reduction of inflammatory biomarkers by statin, fibrate, and combination therapy among diabetic patients with mixed dyslipidemia: the DIACOR (Diabetes and Combined Lipid Therapy Regimen) study [20].
  • Comparative bioavailability of two formulations of diltiazem (Dilzene, CAS 42399-41-7), a calcium antagonist, was evaluated on 10 healthy volunteers (5 males and 5 females) in a cross-over study [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of diltiazem

  • The formulations, along with Dilacor XR, were administered to a group eight fasted, healthy volunteers in a four period crossover study [22].
  • METHOD: Students from two schools who had piloted Opportunities for Resuscitation and Citizen Safety (ORCS) in the academic year 2004/2005 volunteered to partake in the study [8].
  • The pH-sensitive microspheres were loaded with diltiazem hydrochloride (DH) [23].
  • The vasodilating effect of CRD-401 on the renal arteries was therefore assumed to be more prominent in a state of renal arterial constriction [14].
  • A comprehensive five-phase evaluation of the first Conference on Citizen CPR was implemented to measure its educational value and impact on attitudes regarding key issues in the lay CPR movement [24].


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