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Gene Review

SLC25A13  -  solute carrier family 25...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ARALAR2, CITRIN, CTLN2, Calcium-binding mitochondrial carrier protein Aralar2, Citrin, ...
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Disease relevance of SLC25A13


High impact information on SLC25A13

  • The two mammalian AGCs, aralar and citrin, are members of the malate-aspartate NADH shuttle, and citrin, the liver AGC, is also a member of the urea cycle [7].
  • The protein encoded by SLC25A13, named citrin, is bipartite in structure, containing a mitochondrial carrier motif and four EF-hand domains, suggesting it is a calcium-dependent mitochondrial solute transporter with a role in urea cycle function [8].
  • Using positional cloning we identified a novel gene, SLC25A13, and found five different DNA sequence alterations that account for mutations in all consanguineous patients examined [8].
  • We expressed in Chinese hamster ovary cells aralar1 and citrin, aspartate/glutamate exchangers that have Ca(2+)-binding sites in their sequence, and measured mitochondrial Ca2+ and ATP levels as well as cytosolic Ca2+ concentration with targeted recombinant probes [9].
  • A cDNA clone was isolated representing a citrin gene expressed in seeds when the majority of embryos were at the early globular stage of embryo development [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of SLC25A13


Biological context of SLC25A13

  • By using homozygosity mapping and positional cloning, we have shown that adult-onset type II citrullinemia (CTLN2) is caused by mutations of the SLC25A13 gene, which is localized on chromosome 7q21.3 and encodes a mitochondrial solute carrier protein named citrin [16].
  • The frequency of homozygotes carrying SLC25A13 mutations in both alleles is estimated to be minimally 1 in 21,000 from carrier detection (18 in 1,315 individuals tested) in the Japanese population [3].
  • The 851del4 mutation on the SLC25A13 gene accounts for the major genotype expression of patients with NICCD in Taiwan [17].
  • DNA analyses of SLC25A13 disclosed that the first patient was a compound heterozygote for the Ex16+74_IVS17-32del516 (del516-Ex16/IVS17) and IVS11+1G-->A mutations and the second one a homozygote for the del516-Ex16/IVS17 mutation [18].
  • Citrin as a liver-type AGC plays a role in supplying aspartate to the cytosol for urea, protein and nucleotide synthesis by exchanging mitochondrial aspartate for cytosolic glutamate and proton, and transporting cytosolic NADH reducing equivalent to mitochondria as a member of malate aspartate shuttle essential for aerobic glycolysis [19].

Anatomical context of SLC25A13


Associations of SLC25A13 with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of SLC25A13

  • Delivery may be a trigger for the development of CTLN2, while certain pathologic conditions associated with citrin gene abnormality are likely to induce hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with this disorder [23].

Other interactions of SLC25A13


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SLC25A13


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