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Gene Review

SCN11A  -  sodium channel, voltage gated, type XI...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FEPS3, HSAN7, NAV1.9, NaN, Nav1.9, ...
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Disease relevance of SCN11A


Psychiatry related information on SCN11A

  • In this chapter, evidence of an important role for post-translational regulation of Nav1.9 in setting pain thresholds is presented [4].

High impact information on SCN11A

  • NaN/Nav1.9 carried LVA currents into type-I (CI) and type-II (CII) small nociceptors and medium-Adelta-like nociceptive cells but not in low-threshold mechanoreceptors, including putative Down-hair (D-hair) and Aalpha/beta cells [5].
  • Low voltage-activated (LVA) T-type Ca(2+) (I(Ca)T) and NaN/Nav1.9 currents regulate DRG neurons by setting the threshold for the action potential [5].
  • NaN/Nav1.9 was inhibited by inorganic I(Ca) blockers as follows (IC(50), muM): La(3+) (46) > Cd(2+) (233) > Ni(2+) (892) and by mibefradil, a non-dihydropyridine I(Ca)T antagonist [5].
  • SNS and SNS2 are found both in NGF-responsive and GDNF-responsive C-fibers and many of these cells also express the capsaicin receptor VR1 [1].
  • About half of C-fiber DRG neurons express either SNS or SNS2, and in most, the channels are colocalized [1].

Biological context of SCN11A


Anatomical context of SCN11A


Other interactions of SCN11A

  • Immunolocalization of SNS/PN3 and NaN/SNS2 sodium channels in human pain states [9].
  • Remarkably, two voltage-gated sodium channel genes (Nav1.8 and Nav1.9) are expressed selectively in damage-sensing peripheral neurons, while a third channel (Nav1.7) is found predominantly in sensory and sympathetic neurons [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SCN11A

  • Pharmacological Dissection and Distribution of NaN/Nav1.9, T-type Ca2+ Currents, and Mechanically Activated Cation Currents in Different Populations of DRG Neurons [5].


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