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Chemical Compound Review

lanthanum(3+)     lanthanum(+3) cation

Synonyms: CHEBI:49701, AC1L2XOQ, AR-1J2992, La(3+), A810579, ...
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Disease relevance of AIDS-072197

  • This influx was sensitive to blockers of TRP-like nonspecific Ca(2+) channels, including Ruthenium Red, La(3+), and Gd(3+) ions which also prevented the Fe(2+) ion-induced toxicity and oxidative stress as revealed by protein carbonylation status [1].
  • Examples are shown for the 185-residue N-terminal domain of the subunit epsilon from E. coli DNA polymerase III in complex with the subunit theta and La(3+) in its diamagnetic and Dy(3+), Tb(3+), and Er(3+) in its paramagnetic form [2].
  • A strain of polyphosphate-synthesizing, phosphate-releasing Acinetobacter johnsonii was isolated from a wastewater treatment plant operating enhanced biological phosphate removal (EBPR) and was used to remove La(3+) from solution via precipitation of cell-bound LaPO(4) [3].

High impact information on AIDS-072197


Biological context of AIDS-072197

  • In a 12-residue sequence taken from an EF-hand protein, the four C-terminal peptide units become helical when the peptide binds La(3+), and somewhat longer helices may be made by adding alanine residues at the C terminus [7].
  • The effect on exocytosis of La(3+), a known inhibitor of plasma membrane Ca(2+)-ATPases and Na(+)/Ca(2+) exchangers, was studied using cultured bovine adrenal chromaffin cells [8].
  • La(3+) showed a slightly higher affinity to the binding sites on the N-terminal domain of CaM than that to the C-terminal [9].
  • Both peptides required extracellular Ca(2+) to induce muscle contraction, and a blockage of sarcolemmal Ca(2+) channels by Mn(2+) or La(3+) inhibited myotropic effects [10].
  • The effects of these ions are very unlikely to be due to a surface charge effect because the addition of La(3+) (200 microm) completely reverses the shift in a hyperpolarizing direction when the extracellular Ca(2+) concentration was reduced from 10 to 1 mm and additionally shifts the kinetics further still in a depolarizing direction [11].

Anatomical context of AIDS-072197

  • The CyaA-mediated [Ca(2+)](i) increase in CD11b(+) J774A.1 monocytes was inhibited by extracellular La(3+) ions but not by nifedipine, SK&F 96365, flunarizine, 2-aminoethyl diphenylborinate, or thapsigargin, suggesting that influx of Ca(2+) into cells was not because of receptor signaling or opening of conventional calcium channels by cAMP [12].
  • Pretreatment of OECs with La(3+) reduced neurite regrowth in cocultures in a concentration-dependent manner over the range that blocked the non-voltage-gated calcium flux through a putative TRP-like channel, which, we propose, is activated in OEC-mediated axonal regeneration [13].
  • La(3+) inhibited (45)Ca(2+) efflux from preloaded chromaffin cells in the presence or absence of Na(+) [8].
  • In SDS/PAGE, it appears as a single protein band around Mr140 000 that can be phosphorylated by [gamma-(32)P]ATP in the presence of La(3+) and recognized by specific antibodies against the plasma membrane Ca(2+)-ATPase from pig antral smooth muscle [14].
  • These results suggest that VDAC, located in the mitochondrial outer membrane, controls Ca(2+) transport into and from the mitochondria, and that the inhibition of Ca(2+) uptake by RuR and La(3+) may result from their interaction with VDAC Ca(2+)-binding sites [15].

Associations of AIDS-072197 with other chemical compounds


Gene context of AIDS-072197

  • Using the specific TRP channel blocker La(3+) we demonstrated that both TRP and TRPL channel functions were unaffected [19].
  • The expression of the ccd-1 mRNA was induced by treatment with A23187, and the induction was suppressed by La(3+) or 1,2-bis(2-aminophenoxy)ethane-N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid (BAPTA) [20].
  • This effect was prevented completely by inhibition of the plasma membrane Ca(2+)-ATPase (PMCA) with La(3+) [21].
  • At this stage, the cadherin 23 ectodomain epitope remains on the hair bundle following BAPTA or La(3+) treatment, but is lost following exposure to the protease subtilisin [22].
  • VDAC contains Ca(2+)-binding sites that bind Ruthenium Red (RuR), La(3+) and that RuR completely closed VDACs in single or multichannel experiments [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of AIDS-072197

  • The heat of La(3+) interaction with the peptides at different temperatures is measured by isothermal titration calorimetry [23].
  • Using the whole cell patch clamp technique, we found that metabolic inhibitors activated a non-selective current permeant to both small and large cations, and blocked by La(3+), similar to the properties of connexin 43 when overexpressed in human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells [24].
  • In this report, we have investigated effects of La(3+) and Gd(3+) on the shape of giant unilamellar vesicle (GUV) of dioleoylphosphatidylcholine (DOPC-GUV) and GUV of DOPC/cholesterol by the phase-contrast microscopy [25].


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