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Gene Review

Nhlh2  -  nescient helix loop helix 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 6230401I09Rik, HEN-2, Helix-loop-helix protein 2, Hen2, NSCL-2, ...
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Disease relevance of Nhlh2


Psychiatry related information on Nhlh2


High impact information on Nhlh2

  • During murine embryogenesis, Nhlh1 and Nhlh2 share an overlapping but distinct pattern of expression in the developing nervous system [1].
  • Nhlh2 is expressed in the ventral-medial and lateral hypothalamus, Rathke's pouch and in the anterior lobe of the adult pituitary [1].
  • Male Nhlh2-/- mice are microphallic, hypogonadal and infertile with alterations in circulating gonadotropins, a defect in spermatogenesis and a loss of instinctual male sexual behaviour [1].
  • Female Nhlh2-/- mice reared alone are hypogonadal, but when reared in the presence of males, their ovaries and uteri develop normally and they are fertile [1].
  • NSCL-1 and NSCL-2 synergistically determine the fate of GnRH-1 neurons and control necdin gene expression [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of Nhlh2


Biological context of Nhlh2

  • Heterozygosity for the closely related transcription factor Nhlh2 increased the severity of the Nhlh1-null phenotype [7].
  • The Nhlh2 transcription factor is required for female sexual behavior and reproductive longevity [2].
  • The NSCL-2 gene maps to murine chromosome 3 [8].
  • The temporally and tissue restricted pattern of expression of this gene and its identification as a member of a family of transcription factors relevant to growth and development in a wide variety of species suggest a role for NSCL-2 in the development of the eukaryotic nervous system [8].
  • Both NSCL-1 and NSCL-2 genes are active only in postmitotic neurons, indicating a role for neuronal cell migration and/or differentiation within the sensory system [9].

Anatomical context of Nhlh2


Regulatory relationships of Nhlh2


Other interactions of Nhlh2

  • The nucleotide and predicted protein sequences of Nhlh1 and Nhlh2 are homologous within their bHLH domain where there are only three conservative amino acid differences [1].
  • None of these regimes restored Nhlh-2 or NeuroD-1 to wild-type mRNA levels [11].


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