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Gene Review

NEDD4L  -  neural precursor cell expressed,...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase NEDD4-like, KIAA0439, NEDD4-2, NEDD4.2, NEDL3, ...
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Disease relevance of NEDD4L


High impact information on NEDD4L

  • They regulate the activity of enzymes (e.g., glycogen synthase kinase-3, ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2, phosphomannose mutase-2) and transcription factors (e.g., forkhead transcription factor FKHRL1, beta-catenin, nuclear factor kappaB) [4].
  • The binding of Nedd4-2 to TrkA through a PPXY motif leads to the ubiquitination and downregulation of TrkA [5].
  • Phosphorylation of Nedd4-2 by Sgk1 regulates epithelial Na(+) channel cell surface expression [6].
  • Here we show by expression studies in Xenopus laevis oocytes that the aldosterone-induced Sgk1 kinase interacts with the ubiquitin protein ligase Nedd4-2 in a PY motif-dependent manner and phosphorylates Nedd4-2 on Ser444 and, to a lesser extent, Ser338 [6].
  • This disproportionate increase in cleavage was reproduced by expression of a dominant-negative Nedd4-2 or mutation of ENaC ubiquitination sites, interventions that disrupt ENaC endocytosis and lysosomal degradation [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of NEDD4L

  • A search for transcripts whose levels increase following androgen treatment of LNCaP human prostate cancer cells led to the isolation of three new NEDD4L transcripts designated NEDD4Lf, NEDD4Lg and NEDD4Lh [1].

Biological context of NEDD4L


Anatomical context of NEDD4L

  • We found that this interaction preserved the activity of the Sgk1-stimulated ENaC-dependent Na+ current while disrupting the interaction decreased ENaC density on the Xenopus laevis oocytes surface possibly by enhancing Nedd4-2-mediated ubiquitination that leads to ENaC degradation [8].
  • Coexpression, in Fischer rat thyroid epithelia, of ENaC and Nedd4-2 cDNAs leads to a significant reduction in amiloride-sensitive currents, confirming a role in Na+ transport regulation [9].
  • Immunohistochemistry in human small intestine revealed SGK1 colocalization with Nedd4-2 in villus enterocytes [10].
  • In summary, these results suggest a novel mechanism for ENaC regulation in which AMPK promotes ENaC-Nedd4-2 interaction, thereby inhibiting ENaC by increasing Nedd4-2-dependent ENaC retrieval from the plasma membrane [11].
  • Nedd4-2 is expressed in the mouse collecting duct, and overexpression of Nedd4-2 reduces endogenous ENaC activity in a collecting duct cell line [12].

Associations of NEDD4L with chemical compounds

  • NEDD4L contains the WW and HECT domains seen in the NEDD4 gene family, but lacks the C2 domain in the N-terminus [13].
  • These data provide new information on the structure and expression profile of NEDD4L-derived transcripts and identify specific isoforms of the NEDD4L ubiquitin ligase as proteins with potentially important roles in androgen action and prostate physiology [1].
  • By targeting the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) for degradation, NEDD4L is a significant determinant of sodium reabsorption in the distal nephron [2].
  • Glutamate induces a current in Xenopus oocytes expressing EAAT1, but not in water-injected oocytes, which is decreased by co-expression of Nedd4-2, an effect reversed by additional co-expression of S422DSGK1, SGK3 and T308D,S473DPKB, but not K127NSGK1 [14].
  • Using intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence imaging of WW domains, we found that Na(v)1.5 PY motif binds preferentially to the fourth WW domain of Nedd4-2 with a K(d) of approximately 55 muM [15].

Physical interactions of NEDD4L


Enzymatic interactions of NEDD4L


Regulatory relationships of NEDD4L

  • Cardiac voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1.5 is regulated by Nedd4-2 mediated ubiquitination [19].
  • When expressed in HEK-293 cells and studied using whole cell voltage clamping, the neuronal Na(v)1.2 and Na(v)1.3 were also downregulated by Nedd4-2 [15].
  • RESULTS: Expression of ClC-Ka/barttin induced a slightly inwardly rectifying current that was significantly decreased upon coexpression of Nedd4-2, but not the catalytically inactive mutant C938SNedd4-2 [20].

Other interactions of NEDD4L

  • Site-directed mutagenesis of the SGK1 phosphorylation sites in the Nedd4-2 protein (S382A,S468ANedd4-2) and in the EAAT1 protein (T482AEAAT1, T482DEAAT1) significantly blunts the effect of S422DSGK1 [14].
  • 5. Interestingly, coexpression of WWP2 competed with the effect of Nedd4-2 [15].
  • Pull-down experiments using fusion proteins bearing the PY motif of Na(v)1.2, Na(v)1.3, and Na(v)1.5 indicated that mouse brain Nedd4-2 binds to the Na(v) PY motif [15].
  • Regulation of CLC-Ka/barttin by the ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2 and the serum- and glucocorticoid-dependent kinases [20].
  • Increased channel activity induced by WNK1 depends on SGK1 and the E3 ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2 [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NEDD4L


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