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Gene Review

grp  -  grapes

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 1C, CG17161, CHK1, CHK1/Grapes, Chk1, ...
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High impact information on grp

  • In the absence of hydroxyurea, a G2 checkpoint delay occurred in cnd2-1 mutants in a manner dependent on Cds1 and ATM-like Rad3, but not Chk1 (refs 10-13), before the mitotic condensation defect [1].
  • Here we show that mutations in the grapes (grp) checkpoint 1 kinase homologue in Drosophila block the morphological and biochemical changes that accompany the midblastula transition, lead to a continuation of the maternal cell-cycle programme, and disrupt DNA-replication checkpoint control of cell-cycle progression [2].
  • Our results suggest that these condensation defects, rather than incomplete DNA replication, are responsible for the extensive metaphase delays observed in grp-derived embryos [3].
  • Therefore, grp condensation defects are not a direct consequence of entering metaphase with incompletely replicated chromosomes [3].
  • To clarify the relationship between these phenotypes, we simultaneously timed multiple nuclear and cytoplasmic events in mutant grp-derived embryos [3].

Biological context of grp


Anatomical context of grp


Associations of grp with chemical compounds


Regulatory relationships of grp

  • In other systems, Chk1 kinase phosphorylates and suppresses the activity of Cdc25 phosphatase: the resulting failure to remove inhibitory phosphate from cyclin-dependent kinase 1 (Cdk1) prevents entry into mitosis [4] [5] [11].

Other interactions of grp

  • To test this, we genetically reduced mitotic cyclin levels and also examined repair in grp (DmChk1) and lok (DmChk2) mutants [12].
  • Like mei-41 and grp, Dwee1 is zygotically dispensable but is required maternally for completing the embryonic nuclear cycles [7].
  • Because in Drosophila embryos Cdk1 lacks inhibitory phosphate during cycles 11-13 [6], it is not clear that known actions of Grp/Chk1 suffice in these cycles [11].
  • We found that the loss of grp compromised cyclin A proteolysis and delayed mitotic disjunction of sister chromosomes [11].


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