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Gene Review

alphaTub67C  -  alpha-Tubulin at 67C

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: 4t, ALPHA 67C, CG8308, D.m.ALPHA-67C, DTA2, ...
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Disease relevance of alphaTub67C


Psychiatry related information on alphaTub67C

  • The polarity of kinesin's motor activity can be reversed by MT disassembly and interactions between a motor and a MT end can either slow or speed the rate of tubulin depolymerization [2].

High impact information on alphaTub67C


Biological context of alphaTub67C


Anatomical context of alphaTub67C

  • Enhancement of the ncdD microtubule motor mutant by mutants of alpha Tub67C [8].
  • Tubulin dimer (tT) was purified from turkey erythrocytes [9].
  • As the LG4-LG5 domain of the alpha4 chain is cleaved in vivo from the main body of laminin-8 (alpha4beta1gamma1), we suggest that the heparan sulphate proteoglycan-binding activity of LG4 is significant in modulating the signalling of Wnt, Decapentaplegic and fibroblast growth factors [10].

Associations of alphaTub67C with chemical compounds

  • Imidacloprid bound with very low affinity to the rat alpha4/beta2 nAChR but did so with high affinity to hybrid nAChRs containing Drosophila alpha subunits co-assembled with rat beta2 [11].
  • However, replacement of Glu219 by proline in the YXCC motif in loop C of the chimeric alpha4 subunit resulted in a marked displacement to the left of the concentration-response curve for imidacloprid not seen when an equivalent mutation was made in the alpha4beta2 nAChR [12].
  • The composite data suggest that the woc gene may regulate 20E-dependent alpha-tubulin detyrosination and that microtubules may be involved in sterol transport and sterol utilization in insect [13].

Physical interactions of alphaTub67C

  • To determine the tubulin subunit(s) involved in binding to ncd, mixtures of ncd motor domain and MTs were treated with the zero-length cross-linker 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl-carbodiimide) (EDC) [14].

Other interactions of alphaTub67C

  • In contrast to these constitutive genes, the tissue-specific alpha 2 and alpha 4 genes code for tubulins with different structures [15].
  • Thus, both classes of alpha-tubulin isotype present in the mature oocyte, alpha TUB67C and alpha TUB84B/84D, are essential for normal spindle function in early Drosophila development [6].
  • The genetics and cytology of doubly mutant embryos and the molecular defect of NcdD provide evidence for interaction of Ncd with alpha Tub67C in vivo [8].
  • These results imply that a specific alpha-tubulin isoform is required for normal cellular function of a kinesin motor protein [8].
  • The sequence characteristics of misato indicate either that it arose from an ancestral tubulin-like gene, different parts of which underwent convergent evolution to resemble motifs in the conventional tubulins, or that it arose by the capture of motifs from different tubulin genes [16].


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