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Gene Review

NRP1  -  neuropilin 1

Gallus gallus

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High impact information on NRP1


Biological context of NRP1


Anatomical context of NRP1


Other interactions of NRP1

  • Consistent with the insensitivity of trkC(+) collaterals to SEMA3A, these collaterals did not express neuropilin-1, a receptor for SEMA3A [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NRP1

  • Arterial-venous differentiation and patterning are controlled by hemodynamic forces, as shown by flow manipulation and in situ hybridization with arterial markers ephrinB2 and neuropilin 1, which show that expression of both mRNAs is not genetically determined but plastic and regulated by flow [9].
  • We investigate the role of a potential guidance factor, neuropilin-1, and use functional knockdown assays, tissue transplantation and in vivo confocal time-lapse imaging to analyze changes in chick cranial neural crest cell migratory patterns [3].
  • Using cocultures composed of tissues derived from chick embryos or neuropilin-1-deficient mice treated with chondroitinase ABC, we show the direct evidence that CSPGs are involved in notochord-derived repulsion for DRG axons [10].
  • Expression of the ligands Sema3A and -3E and the receptors neuropilin Npn-1, -2a and -2b in the chick visual system were analyzed by RT-PCR [11].


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