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Gene Review

tnc  -  tenascin C

Xenopus laevis

Synonyms: tenascin-C, tn
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High impact information on TN

  • To identify changes in gene expression that occur in chicken embryo brain (CEB) cells as a consequence of their binding to the extracellular matrix molecule cytotactin/tenascin (CT/TN), a subtractive hybridization cloning strategy was employed [1].
  • No TN mRNA could be detected in lateral plate mesoderm, but expression was detectable beneath tail fin epidermis [2].
  • TN expression is, however, elicited in response to isolated dorsal vegetal blastomeres and in response to high concentrations of activin, both of which treatments lead to formation of muscle and/or notochord [2].
  • We report that TN transcripts are principally expressed in cells dispersed around the neural tube and notochord as well as in myotome and sclerotome cells [2].
  • In a second series of experiments, we studied the expression of TN mRNA and protein in combinations between animal and vegetal stage-6 blastomeres and in stage-8 blastula animal caps treated with activin A or basic fibroblastic growth factor (b-FGF) [2].

Biological context of TN


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TN

  • We have studied the spatial and temporal expression of TN mRNA in tailbud-stage embryos by RNAase protection and in situ hybridization using a cDNA probe for Xenopus TN obtained by PCR amplification [2].
  • Tenascin was purified by affinity chromatography on a column of the monoclonal antibody mAb TnM1; the molecule eluted from this column has a relative molecular mass of 210 kDa after reduction [7].
  • Immunogold electron microscopy revealed the presence of Tn throughout the ependymoglial cells, particularly near and along the plasma membrane of radial processes surrounding axons, especially growth cones [9].


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