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Gene Review

VIT  -  vitrin

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: UNQ647/PRO1277, Vitrin
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Disease relevance of VIT

  • BACKGROUND: specific immunotherapy for Hymenoptera Venom (VIT) is considered a life-saving treatment in insect sting allergy [1].
  • Background. To investigate the therapeutic consequences of restricting the CSF dynamic evaluation to a lumbar infusion test (LIT), as opposed to our formerly applied intraventricular assessment (VIT), in patients with communicating hydrocephalus (CH).Method [2].
  • A pre- and postnatal study was carried out to investigate the effect of high dose (500 mg/kg) of the natural antioxidant vitamin E (VIT E) on biochemical variables in the model of chronic intrauterine hypoxia [3].

High impact information on VIT


Biological context of VIT

  • Rats were orally treated with PHT (150 mg/kg) from day 7 to 18 of gestation and VIT E prior to PHT orally on the same days [3].

Anatomical context of VIT

  • VIT 45 is not dialyzed by HE or HF dialysis membranes irrespective of UFR [7].
  • The proportion of spermatozoa with primary morphological defects appeared to be greater in -VIT bulls compared to +VIT bulls by 26 and 24 wk in Year 1 and 2, respectively [8].
  • We compared simulations with data including the dynamic changes in plasma and interstitial fluid volumes VPL and VIT respectively, plasma and interstitial colloid osmotic pressures PiPL and PiIT respectively, haematocrit (Hct), plasma solute concentrations and transcapillary flow rates [9].
  • VIT components displaced into the pulp tissue triggered a persistent inflammatory reaction which appeared to be associated with a lack of dentin bridge formation [10].

Associations of VIT with chemical compounds

  • Bulls were fed a high-concentrate diet with (+VIT) or without (-VIT) supplemental Vitamin A until the apparent onset of hypovitaminosis A (28 and 32 wk in Year 1 and 2, respectively) [8].
  • The miscibility pressures obtained from the new VIT technique were 3-5% higher than those from visual observations and agreed well with the slim-tube results as well as with the correlations at enrichment levels greater than 30 mol% C2+ in the injected gas stream [11].
  • No evidence was found of oxidative damage in the serum during hemodialysis, serum concentrations of MDA and VIT E remaining constant before and after dialysis [12].
  • Determination of VIT 45 (IND#63,243 - American Regent) removal by closed loop in vitro hemodialysis system [7].
  • The aim of this investigation was to evaluate fluoride release and uptake from 4 glass ionomer cements (GICs)--Vitremer (VIT), Fuji II LC (FII LC), Fuji IX (FIX), Chelon Fill (CHE)--and 2 composite resins (CRs)--Heliomolar (H) and Zeta-100 (Z-100) [13].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of VIT

  • Progress and further questions continue with a search for a definitive diagnostic test that more accurately predicts which patients are at risk for future reactions, and defines which patients can stop VIT and which ones need to continue treatment [14].
  • The extent of VIT 45, a novel intravenous iron formulation, removal by high-flux (HF) or high-efficiency (HE) dialysis membranes at various ultrafiltration rates (UFR) is unknown [7].
  • These results suggested that VIT is not an appropriate dental material to be used in direct pulp capping for mechanically exposed human pulps [10].
  • METHODS: this retrospective study was designed to evaluate both efficacy and safety of depot VIT for Vespula [1].


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