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Chi-Square Distribution

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Disease relevance of Chi-Square Distribution

  • Expression of HER-2/neu or mutant p53 was similar in both tumor groups studied--mammary carcinoma with a low basal expression of P-glycoprotein compared with endometrial and cervical carcinomas with significantly (P = .0002; chi-square test) higher levels of expression [1].
  • Lymphomas, which develop in 40% of tTA/TAg female mice, were found in only 4% of tTA/TAg/ER-alpha mice (P = 0.014, chi-square test) [2].
  • G-CSF-treated patients had a decreased number of sepsis episodes per patient (0.92 +/- 1.5 vs. 2.18 +/- 2.8, P < 0.02, t test), and a lower percentage of sepsis-related deaths (8% vs. 22%, P < 0.04, chi-square test) [3].
  • Loss of expression of the DCC gene product detected by immunohistochemistry significantly correlated with the loss of mRNA expression in ovarian carcinomas (P = 0.01 by chi-square test) or in both endometrial and ovarian carcinomas combined (P = 0.001) [4].
  • The incidence of vertebral compression fracture was 14 fractures in 322 vertebral bodies examined (4.3%) in the C group and 6 fractures in 378 vertebral bodies examined (1.6%) in the BE group (chi-square test, p = 0.0290) [5].

High impact information on Chi-Square Distribution

  • There was a significant dose-dependent effect among the three study groups in favor of low-molecular-weight heparin (P = 0.005 by the chi-square test for trend) [6].
  • Associations between HER-2/neu and ER/PR expression were analyzed using Spearman's rho correlation and the chi-square test, and absolute levels were compared using the Mann-Whitney U test [7].
  • The chi-square test for association was used to analyze the relationship between STK15 expression and pathologic features [8].
  • In 97 patients surviving one year after trial entry, plasma creatinine exceeded the baseline by more than 25% at some time in the first year in 25 (53%) of 47 in the steroid withdrawal group compared with 9 (18%) of 50 in the control group (p < 0.001, chi-square test) [9].
  • After dithiothreitol, the rate of reactivity increased to 94% (CI, 84% to 99%; P less than 0.0001 by the McNemar paired chi-square test), suggesting that the elimination of rheumatoid factor leads to unmasking of anti-HCV in cryoprecipitate [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Chi-Square Distribution


Biological context of Chi-Square Distribution


Anatomical context of Chi-Square Distribution


Associations of Chi-Square Distribution with chemical compounds

  • Nineteen patients on VPA and 3 on FBM met escape criteria (p less than 0.001, chi-square test) [26].
  • Response and side effects with citalopram and placebo were compared by using chi-square tests and linear modeling [27].
  • Among the infants with adequate serum retinol concentrations (> 0.7 mumol/L) after supplementation, the vitamin A-supplemented infants had a significantly higher proportion of positive CMI tests than the placebo infants (chi-square test: 8.99, P = 0.008) [28].
  • Good and poor glucose control were clearly associated with improvement and worsening, respectively, of the borderline AER values (P = 0.032, chi-square test of trend) [29].
  • A two-sample t-test (average acenocoumarol dosage, age), and chi-square tests (sex, therapeutic range, type of NSAID) were used to test for differences [30].

Gene context of Chi-Square Distribution

  • Association with the PTPN22 SNP was analyzed by chi-square test as implemented in Stata software [31].
  • In 259 primary IDCs, reduced E-cad expression was associated with high histologic grade (chi square test for trend, P < .001), negative estrogen receptor status (ER; Fisher's exact test; P = .042), and marginally with axillary node involvement (Fisher's exact test, P = .063) [32].
  • RESULTS: The allele distributions at the DRB1 locus observed in PSReA patients, ARF patients, and controls were not significantly different from each other (chi-square test with small numbers, P = .65) [33].
  • Variable relationships were observed between advanced disease stage and immunostaining for individual gene products (ERBB-2 - p = 0.05, EGFR - p = 0.02, p53 - p = 0.12, Chi Square test) [34].
  • The frequency of the TF C2 variant did not differ by the diagnosis when the APOE epsilon4-positive subjects and APOE epsilon4-negative subjects were analyzed separately (P>0.1 by Chi square test) [35].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chi-Square Distribution


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