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Gene Review

NFKBIZ  -  nuclear factor of kappa light polypeptide...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ34463, I-kappa-B-zeta, IKBZ, IL-1 inducible nuclear ankyrin-repeat protein, INAP, ...
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Disease relevance of NFKBIZ

  • Each week between January and April 1998 a different laboratory represented at the Public Health Laboratory Service HIV Diagnosis Forum sent aliquots of the same anti-HIV positive plasma specimen by First Class Mail to the other 12 laboratories and to itself [1].
  • The INAP recording identifies functional axons within neuromas before other signs of reinnervation have developed [2].
  • Data were collected on 228 consecutive back injuries in Boston's General Mail Facility and 228 non-injured controls drawn randomly from each case's work unit, matching on craft (clerk, mailhandler, maintenance), shift, and general supervisor [3].
  • DESIGN: Mail surveys were completed by 409 adults with self-reported osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis who were recruited through a variety of recruitment strategies such as advertisements placed in arthritis publications, internet sources, and physician referrals [4].
  • METHODS: Mail questionnaire to all Surgical Departments in Sweden about the current use of thromboembolism prophylaxis in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy [5].

Psychiatry related information on NFKBIZ

  • DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS: Mail survey in 2934 daily smokers (1533 women and 1401 men) who volunteered for a smoking cessation trial [6].
  • METHODS: Mail surveys were returned by 442 members of the King County (WA) MS Association. Average pain intensity, pain-related activity interference, depressive symptoms and severity of MS were assessed [7].
  • OBJECTIVE: Mail and Web surveys are two possible alternatives for reducing potential nonresponse bias in telephone-based studies of alcohol consumption [8].
  • DESIGN: Mail survey requesting information on physical activity, basic demographic characteristics, self-rated health, and self-rated physical activity [9].
  • RESULTS: In the Mail group, the perceived importance of barriers to dietary change decreased by 19% at postintervention and 16% at 1-year follow-up; dietary self-efficacy increased by 9% and 3%, respectively [10].

High impact information on NFKBIZ

  • METHODS: Mail survey of 824 Pennsylvania physicians in general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics/gynecology, emergency medicine, and radiology eliciting information on practice decisions made in response to rising liability costs [11].
  • METHODS: Mail survey of 1000 Colorado physicians (n = 594) and 1000 national physicians (n = 304), and telephone survey of 500 Colorado households to assess agreement with several proposals and conclusions from the 1999 Institute of Medicine report [12].
  • The Mail and Mail Plus Incentive interventions were estimated to produce increases in Sage screening rates of 0.23% and 0.75%, respectively, beyond the composite Control rate of 0.83% [13].
  • DESIGN: Mail surveys were conducted with healthcare workers (HCWs) and infection control professionals (ICPs) [14].
  • DESIGN: Mail survey in 386 smokers, retest at one month in 94 participants (24%), analysis of saliva cotinine in 98 participants (25%), collection of empty cigarette packs in 214 participants (55%), collection of cigarette butts in 107 participants (28%) [15].

Biological context of NFKBIZ


Anatomical context of NFKBIZ

  • INAP can aid peripheral nerve tumor resection by identification of intact nerve fascicles [2].
  • In clinically complete lesions, recording an INAP across the injury indicates the presence of regenerating axons, and neurolysis of the encasing connective tissue is recommended [2].

Associations of NFKBIZ with chemical compounds

  • INAP (median=4.2 microg/l and 3.3 microg/g creatinine) and TCPY (median=5.3 microg/l and 4.6. microg/g creatinine) were present in over 80% of the samples, while MDA and AM were detected infrequently (6.6% and <1% of samples, respectively) [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NFKBIZ

  • After 1 year, both intervention groups had significantly higher Sage mammography rates than the Controls, and the Mail Plus Incentive group had a significantly higher rate than the Mail group [13].
  • BACKGROUND: Mail survey questionnaires are increasingly being used for follow-up evaluations to gauge satisfaction and performance after total joint arthroplasty [22].
  • METHODS: Mail-questionnaire study, which was performed in a county in the south-east of Sweden, as a retrospective cross-sectional survey including 1990 children, 12-24 months old [23].
  • Gnome (GenomeNet Open Mail-service Environment) is a sequence analysis tool that enables an end-user to make use of several Internet- (mainly e-mail) based services with an easy-to-use graphical user interface [24].
  • DESIGN: Mail survey using 2 hypothetical case studies sent to pediatric critical care physicians [25].


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