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Gene Review

MLC1  -  Mlc1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Calmodulin-like myosin light chain MLC1, G3080, Myosin light chain 1, Myosin-2 light chain, YGL106W
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High impact information on MLC1


Biological context of MLC1


Anatomical context of MLC1


Associations of MLC1 with chemical compounds

  • In the presence of both Ca(2+) and a peptide synthesized to mimic the CaM binding domain on myosin light chain kinase, MLCK-22p, the solution structures of these chimeric CaMs take a similar compact globular shape but their interactions are quite different [13].
  • Electron-density maps for two of the complexes (Mlc1p-IQ4 and Mlc1p-IQ2,3) were obtained from multiple anomalous dispersion (MAD) experiments based on selenomethionine derivatives [14].
  • Both calmodulins activated muscle myosin light chain kinase and pea NAD+ kinase in a Ca2+-dependent manner, and the activities were inhibited by trifluoperazine or chlorpromazine [15].
  • These ameba gene segments were homologous to myosin light chain kinases, protein kinase C, phosphorylase b kinase, and kinases that regulate glucose repression in yeast and cell growth in mammalian cells [16].

Physical interactions of MLC1


Other interactions of MLC1


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of MLC1


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