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Vertical Dimension

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High impact information on Vertical Dimension

  • As myopia increased, all ellipsoid dimensions increased with the axial dimension increasing more than the vertical dimension, which in turn increased more than the horizontal dimension (increases in approximate ratios 3:2:1) [1].
  • Role of occlusal vertical dimension in spindle function [2].
  • The distribution of BrdU-labeled cells in the horizontal and vertical dimension of the VN-SE was analyzed as a function of time [3].
  • Groups 2 and 3 have the typical facial characteristics unique to hypodontia, with reduced vertical dimensions as a consequence of limited alveolar bone growth [4].
  • Although agarose gels can easily be prepared in an open-faced format to gain the conveniences of horizontal electrophoresis, acrylamide does not polymerize in the presence of air and the usual configurations for gel preparation lead to electrophoresis in the vertical dimension [5].

Biological context of Vertical Dimension


Anatomical context of Vertical Dimension


Associations of Vertical Dimension with chemical compounds

  • At the last evaluation period, the compression-molded poly(methyl methacrylate) showed no change in mean occlusal vertical dimension from baseline, whereas remaining groups exhibited occlusal vertical dimensions significantly less than baseline [14].
  • This mixed, single-double blind study examined the effect of a stepwise increase in vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO) on the isometric strength of cervical flexor and deltoid muscles in 20 asymptomatic females with deep bite (age range 20-40 years) [15].
  • PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to measure the resistance to displacement in an adult bovine rib mandible model as the vertical dimension of the bone decreases, and to compare the fixation strength of titanium miniplates and reconstruction plates [16].
  • Acrylic resin denture teeth often exhibit rapid occlusal wear, which may lead to a loss of chewing efficiency and a loss of vertical dimension of occlusion [17].

Gene context of Vertical Dimension

  • Six closely inter-related elements of an occlusion must be evaluated and frequently modified in treatment Part 1 of this article will discuss two elements of the occlusion, in the order of their evaluation--centric relation position of the mandible and vertical dimension of occlusion [18].
  • Localization performance was better in the horizontal than in the vertical dimension for stimuli located on or near the frontal midline, but the opposite was true for most stimuli located further peripheral [19].
  • Effect of increased maxillo-mandibular relationship on isometric strength in TMD patients with loss of vertical dimension of occlusion [20].
  • It seems appropriate to propose that MDM measuring less than 1.5 mm in vertical dimensions could be characterized as melanocytic neoplasia of indeterminant malignant potential [21].
  • In addition, those parameters associated with increased vertical dimension and hyperdivergence demonstrated progressive expression with increasing severity of the chronic perennial allergic rhinitis [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Vertical Dimension


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