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HIV Infections

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Disease relevance of HIV Infections


Psychiatry related information on HIV Infections

  • CONCLUSIONS: Steadily increasing the methadone dosage in a harm reduction setting may be useful in supporting injecting drug users in the process of cessation of injecting and reducing the spread of HIV-infection [6].

High impact information on HIV Infections

  • HIV-infection status was known for 363 births (180 in the zidovudine group and 183 in the placebo group) [7].
  • The fact that prostaglandins are used clinically in the treatment of several diseases, suggests a potential use of cyclopentenone PGs in the treatment of HIV-infection [8].
  • PATIENTS AND METHODS: Twenty-six patients with TGCT and HIV-infection from the GICAT were retrospectively analyzed [9].
  • Different experimental approaches were used to prove or disprove the "TH1/TH2 switch theory" of HIV-infection [10].
  • These results demonstrate that elevated levels of IL-6 are associated with HIV-infection, and suggest that IL-6 over-production may contribute to the polyclonal B cell activation seen in AIDS and HIV infection [11].

Chemical compound and disease context of HIV Infections

  • The effect of treatment intensification in HIV-infection: a study comparing treatment with ritonavir/saquinavir and ritonavir/saquinavir/stavudine. Prometheus Study Group [12].
  • The results of this animal study indicate that abacavir would be a useful addition to a treatment regimen against HIV-infection within the brain [13].
  • In contrast, the serum DHEA concentrations were closely correlated with the stage of HIV-infection, being higher in the early stages (stages II and III or > 500 CD4) than in advanced stages (IV C or < 500 CD4)-in the latter being below those of HIV-negative men-or in controls (+40 to 100%, p < .01 to p < .001) [14].
  • CONCLUSION: Supplementation with whey proteins persistently increased plasma glutathione levels in patients with advanced HIV-infection [15].
  • Biochemical deficiencies of coenzyme Q10 in HIV-infection and exploratory treatment [16].

Biological context of HIV Infections


Anatomical context of HIV Infections

  • This review is intended to provide an update on the use of immune-based therapies, in particular structured treatment interruptions and cytokines, such as IL-2 and IFN-alpha, as potential stimulants of the immune system of patients with HIV-infections and to discuss risks and benefits of each alternative [20].

Gene context of HIV Infections


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of HIV Infections


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