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Substance Abuse, Intravenous

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Disease relevance of Substance Abuse, Intravenous


High impact information on Substance Abuse, Intravenous

  • There was no evidence of an underlying immunosuppressive disease and no history of blood-product transfusion, homosexuality, or intravenous-drug abuse [6].
  • One hundred and ninety-nine patients with a history of intravenous drug abuse, and enrolled on the St Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center Methadone Program, had baseline evaluations performed from September 1984 to April 1987 [7].
  • In a logistic regression model, only intravenous drug abuse and abnormal AST level remained independently associated with HCV positivity [8].
  • Hepatitis B and D infection are commonly associated with intravenous drug abuse, but there have been no previous reports of an association with nonparenteral cocaine [9].
  • The authors concluded that AIDS-like laboratory alterations are present in clinically unaffected IV drug users; the possible role of DR5 in conditioning different individual susceptibility is considered [10].

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