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Wrist Joint

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Disease relevance of Wrist Joint


High impact information on Wrist Joint

  • The reflex responses evoked by the ball's impact consisted in a short-latency coactivation of flexor and extensor muscles at the elbow and wrist joints [4].
  • Levels of MMP-2 were approximately 1.5-fold higher in invasive tenosynovium compared with both encapsulating tenosynovium and wrist joint synovium [5].
  • The maximal wrist joint velocity of self-paced reciprocating flexion and extension movements increased after levodopa (ON), without significant changes in the movement period or amplitude [6].
  • The clearance rates of free iodide and of radioiodinated serum albumin were measured in the knee and wrist joints of 9 normal adult dogs [7].
  • The movements were preceded (2-3 s) by four different conditioning routines: 40-s rest (Rest), 10-s voluntary alternating wrist joint flexion and extension movements (Osc), and 10 s of 25 degrees weak isometric wrist extensor (Ext) or flexor contractions (Flex) [8].

Biological context of Wrist Joint


Anatomical context of Wrist Joint


Associations of Wrist Joint with chemical compounds

  • Radioactive 2-deoxy-D-glucose (2-DG) incorporation into the monkey prefrontal and premotor cortex was studied in relation to extention-flexion movement at the wrist joint in two experimental and two control monkeys [12].
  • The polished surfaces of hip, knee and wrist joints made of Ti-6Al-7Nb and articulating against polyethylene are surface-treated by means of a very hard and 3-5 microns thick titanium nitride coating (Tribosul-TiN) or by oxygen diffusion hardening (Tribosul-ODH) to a depth of 30 microns [13].
  • Arthrography using 60 per cent Urografin was done on twenty fresh cadaver wrist joints [14].
  • In substudy 2, we evaluated 19 sets of 2nd-5th MCP joints [10 sets from UK (Technique A) and 9 sets from the US (Technique B: 1.5 T; coronal T1 spin-echo and T2* gradient-echo + FS, no Gd)] and 19 wrist joints [9 from the US (Technique B) and 10 from Denmark (Technique C: 1.0 T; coronal and axial T1 spin-echo, no FS, -/+ Gd)] [15].
  • Increased serum levels of alpha 1-antitrypsin were independently associated (p less than 0.01) with the presence of wrist joint erosions and the use of gold and/or penicillamine for treatment; this association may represent a serum antitrypsin response to more severe disease [16].

Gene context of Wrist Joint

  • METHODS: Synovial specimens were obtained from encapsulating tenosynovium (n = 17), invasive tenosynovium (n = 13), and wrist joints (n = 17) in 18 RA patients undergoing wrist extensor tenosynovectomy [5].
  • The outcome was poor in patients with early signs of radiological destruction in the joints, with rheumatoid factor in serum, with early functional disability or deficient flexion of the fingers, with multiple affliction of the finger, metatarsophalangeal or wrist joints, with marked morning stiffness, and with CRP in the serum [17].
  • Linear regression analysis of wrist joint laxity and level of serum estradiol, progesterone, and relaxin demonstrated no significant correlation [18].
  • Wrist joint involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus. An ultrasonographic study [19].
  • We conclude that a cystic radiolucency observed in the wrist joint of a patient undergoing HD indicates the deposition of amyloid [20].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Wrist Joint


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