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Disease relevance of Osseointegration

  • Because photon beams used in head and neck cancer treatment are most often directed parallel to the screw axes, these results suggest that failures of prosthetic osseointegration are unlikely to be explained by an overdosage at the bone/titanium interface [1].
  • These findings clearly demonstrate that OVX-induced osteopenia impairs the osseointegration of HA-coated titanium implants and that ibandronate, administered at doses analogous to those used to clinically treat osteoporosis and MBD, counters this harmful effect [2].
  • Recent studies in rat models demonstrate improved osseointegration of joint implants following ibandronate therapy, with potential application in patients with conditions such as degenerative arthritis or osteoporosis [3].
  • The production of OPN as one of the earliest, and latest, secretory activities of the osteoblast lineage is discussed, together with a consideration of the role of OPN in cement lines and laminae limitantes in bone and in other normal, pathological and healing MTs such as teeth, kidney stones, bone wound healing and implant osseointegration [4].

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