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Embolization, Therapeutic

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  • Interventional radiology (pulmonary angiography, coil embolotherapy, and TIPS) in patients with HPS seems to provide both diagnostic data and therapeutic results of clinical importance [6].
  • Selective arteriography was performed in all patients; transcatheter treatment was performed by means of embolotherapy or selective vasopressin infusion [7].
  • Twenty-four patients underwent embolotherapy, and 12 were treated with nontranscatheter therapy such as surgery, Sengstaken-Blakemore tube placement, endoscopic submucosal injection of epinephrine, or supportive medical therapy [8].
  • Symptomatic vascular malformations: ethanol embolotherapy [9].
  • Of the six patients who were considered unsuitable for embolotherapy, one patient died of hepatocellular carcinoma, two had significant progression of symptoms, and the remaining three patients' symptomatology was unchanged [10].

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