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Workers' Compensation

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Disease relevance of Workers' Compensation


High impact information on Workers' Compensation

  • The Italian Workers' Compensation Authority recognized the occupational origin of the disease [6].
  • Average direct workers' compensation claims costs (medical treatment and indemnity) were $15,790 (median: $6774) for rotator cuff syndrome, $12,794 for carpal tunnel syndrome (median: $4190), and $6593 for epicondylitis (median: $534) [7].
  • In 1983 the Washington State Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional a unique exemption that excluded farm workers from workers' compensation if they had not earned $150 in continuous work with the same employer [8].
  • The union used the hearings of the US Anthracite Coal Strike Commission of 1902-3 to draw public attention to "miners' asthma." In 1915, it began to agitate for the provision of workers' compensation benefits for victims of this disorder [9].
  • We compared the predictive values of three measurements of sensory conduction of the median nerve at the carpal tunnel (maximum latency difference [MLD], 8-cm latency [S8], and 14-cm latency [S14]) in 2334 hands of industrial workers, workers' compensation patients, and students [10].

Biological context of Workers' Compensation


Associations of Workers' Compensation with chemical compounds


Gene context of Workers' Compensation

  • Using data from six Fortune 200 employers, time missed from work and costs associated with absenteeism, short-term disability and worker's compensation was examined for a subsample (n = 354) of the employees diagnosed with ADHD [17].
  • Workers' compensation recipients with carpal tunnel syndrome: the validity of self-reported health measures [18].
  • The methods include aggregation and analysis of job-related disease and occupation data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Supplementary Data System (SDS) for 1985 and 1986--the last years of data available with workers' compensation categories: death, permanent total, permanent partial, and temporary total and partial [19].
  • Data from the safety office and workers' compensation third-party administrator (TPA) was combined with hospital payroll data to create rates that compared all work areas based on the common denominator of 100 full-time equivalents (FTE) [20].
  • Workplace health and safety regulations: Impact of enforcement and consultation on workers' compensation claims rates in Washington State [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Workers' Compensation


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