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Chemical Compound Review

Liberty     azanium 2-amino-4-(hydroxy-methyl...

Synonyms: Buster, Finale, Ignite, Basta, Dash, ...
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Disease relevance of phosphinothricin

  • The fen-phen finale: a study of weight loss and valvular heart disease [1].
  • Summary of safety evaluation toxicity studies of glufosinate ammonium [2].
  • Cost data were gathered from computerized records of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for low back pain workers' compensation claims (N = 119,107) and for all claims (N = 731,087) initiated from 45 jurisdictions (states) during 1989 [3].
  • DAS-59122-7 maize also contains the pat gene, originally isolated from Streptomyces viridochromogenes, which confers tolerance to glufosinate-ammonium herbicides (e.g. Libertytrade mark) [4].
  • Incidents of poisoning in humans caused by the ingestion of the glufosinate ammonium containing herbicides are gradually increasing in Japan. This poisoning is characterized by various neurological symptoms such as disturbances of consciousness, convulsions and apnea which appear after an asymptomatic interval of several hours [5].

Psychiatry related information on phosphinothricin

  • He discusses John Mill's On Liberty and Gerald Dworkin's "Paternalism" and suggests that there are times when the intervention should be withheld, but never the care [6].
  • The reliability of long-term recall of physical activity participation was examined in 322 women and 129 men in a worksite health study conducted at the Liberty Corporation, Greenville, South Carolina during 1976-1987 [7].
  • The results of the study suggest that although awareness of this public mental health services was low, Project Liberty was well received among the people who may be most likely to need its services [8].
  • Persons with lower socioeconomic status and those who had psychological symptoms consistent with posttraumatic stress disorder were more likely to say that they would contact Project Liberty [8].

High impact information on phosphinothricin


Chemical compound and disease context of phosphinothricin

  • Among subjects that participated in the Finale study, no significant correlations have been observed between mental health and vitamin B12/folate status [13].

Biological context of phosphinothricin


Anatomical context of phosphinothricin

  • On the other hand, the main component, GLA, produced no effects in isolated atria and aortas [14].
  • The rats exposed to glufosinate ammonium, an herbicide, during the time of neurogenesis in the hippocampus showed a decrease in the wet-dog shakes response to kainic acid at six weeks of age [18].
  • GLA was not detected in the cerebrospinal fluid 6 h after the convulsions [19].
  • In this selective overview of gamete interactions that lead to fertilization, encounters of three kinds, followed by the finale of gamete fusion, are considered from the sperm's viewpoint, with particular emphasis on the mammalian species with the mouse as the principal model [20].
  • Cost data were collected from computerized records of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company for upper extremity cumulative trauma disorder workers' compensation claims (N = 6,067) and for all claims (N = 731,087) initiated from 45 states during 1989 [21].

Associations of phosphinothricin with other chemical compounds


Gene context of phosphinothricin

  • Individuals needing intensive mental health treatment continued to enter Project Liberty for two years after the World Trade Center attacks [25].
  • OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to determine a pattern in the frequency with which individuals who manifested distress reactions resembling diagnostic syndromes of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depressive disorder accessed services provided by Project Liberty [26].
  • Senator Nickles (R-Okla) was interviewed in March in his Oklahoma City office on the 18th floor of the Liberty Bank Building [27].
  • We evaluated six conventional brassicaceous species, namely, Brassica napus L. 'Q2', B. rapa L., B. juncea (L.) Czern., B. carinata L., B. oleracea L., and Sinapis alba L., and two herbicide-tolerant cultivars, namely, B. napus 'Liberty' and B. napus 'Conquest' for their resistance against P. xylostella [28].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of phosphinothricin


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