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Chemical Compound Review

Methylumbelliferone     7-methoxychromen-2-one

Synonyms: Ayapanin, Herniarin, Herniarine, SPECTRUM210874, CHEMBL49732, ...
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Gene context of Methylumbelliferone

  • Progressive and irreversible inactivation of P-450(2), but not P-450(1) and rat P-448(2), was observed during the catalysis of 7-methoxycoumarin O-demethylation, and this inactivation was considerably prevented by inclusion of cytochrome b5 in the reconstituted system [19].
  • Incubation under paraffin oil in 0.05 microliter of substrate, followed by fluorescence measurements in 1-5 microliter with a microscope fluorometer, allows down to 10(-14) mol of methylumbelliferone, which is the end-product in many analyses of lysosomal enzymes, to be detected [20].


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