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Chemical Compound Review

Butalyde     butanal

Synonyms: Butyral, Butal, Butaldehyde, Butyraldehyd, Butanaldehyde, ...
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Disease relevance of butanal


High impact information on butanal


Biological context of butanal

  • ADH activities measured in the presence of both acetone and butyraldehyde did not exceed activities measured with either substrate present alone, indicating a common active site for both substrates [11].

Anatomical context of butanal


Associations of butanal with other chemical compounds

  • Microgram per m(3) (sub-ppb) levels of the aliphatic aldehydes, propanal, 1-butanal, 1-heptanal, and 1-hexanal, in ambient air were successfully determined by HPLC separation with fluorometric detection [13].
  • With only few exceptions, the animals of both species significantly discriminated concentrations below 1 ppm from the odorless solvent, and with n-butanal and n-hexanal individual pigtail macaques even demonstrated thresholds below 1 ppb [14].
  • This enzyme is responsible for the final conversion of butyraldehyde to butanol, and is distinct from the NADPH-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) also present in the organism [15].
  • Column studies demonstrated that transport of particular electron donors varied significantly; ethyl acetate and butyraldehyde were transported more rapidly than butyl acetate and ethanol [16].
  • SKF 525-A not only inhibited the mutagenic activation of DBN by microsomes from rats treated with the inducers but also selectively inhibited the formation of butyraldehyde and butyl alcohols from DBN [17].

Gene context of butanal

  • An FDH/Os-polymer electrode responded linearly over the concentration range of 2 x 10(-6)-5 x 10(-4) M for formaldehyde, while an ADH/Os-polymer electrode, though responding similarly to long chain aldehydes, such as propionaldehyde and butylaldehyde, responded linearly over the concentration range of 4 x 10(-6)-2 x 10(-4) M for acetaldehyde [18].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of butanal


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