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Macaca nemestrina

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  • Sustained antiestrogenic effects, following a single parenteral dose of ICI 182,780 in oil suspension, were apparent in both rats and pigtail monkeys [6].
  • Using ovariectomized pigtail macaques (Macaca nemestrina), we evaluated the potential for MPA to antagonize estradiol (E2) effects on female sociosexual behavior [7].
  • Mhc-DRB genes of the pigtail macaque (Macaca nemestrina): implications for the evolution of human DRB genes [8].
  • In pigtail macaques, hGH was also a more potent stimulant of alpha-lactalbumin production than oPRL, but the differences wer not as great as in rhesus monkeys. alpha-Lactalbumin in medium was higher in hGH-containing dishes than in those containing oPRL in over 85% of the cases [9].
  • Healthy male pigtail monkeys (Macaca nemestrina) were procured at the age of 6-9 months, and fed either a 20 percent casein diet or a diet containing 2 percent casein as the sole source of protein [10].

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