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Chemical Compound Review

cocaine     methyl8-methyl-3- (phenylcarbonyloxy)-8...

Synonyms: Allococaine, Pseudococaine, CHEMBL32363, SureCN21931, AGN-PC-00G043, ...
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High impact information on COCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE


Psychiatry related information on COCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE

  • We show that this disconnection selectively decreased drug-seeking behavior in rats extensively trained under a second-order schedule of cocaine reinforcement [4].

Associations of COCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE with other chemical compounds



  • We have analyzed the acute response to cocaine in animals deleted for the expression of DA D2 receptors (D2R), an inhibitor of DA signaling [17].
  • These results demonstrate profound and persistent effects of NAc Cdk5 inhibition on locomotor sensitization and incentive-motivational processes and provide direct evidence for a role for striatal Cdk5-induced alterations in the brain's long-term adaptations to cocaine [18].
  • Selective activation of ERbeta with DPN also increased cocaine-induced reinstatement responding, whereas selective activation of ERalpha with PPT did not affect cocaine-seeking behavior [19].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of COCAINE HYDROCHLORIDE


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